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University Prebysterian Church - November 3, 2002

- we are in a moral vacuum
o psalm 19 – the meaning of values

1. moral values must be based on moral absolutes
a. all values and emotions you have now are based on your feelings
2. what is a righteous person? He is like a tool with a straight edge
3. How do we usually determine value?
a. Through the three E’s
==>i. Expectations – what people expect me to do
==>ii. Emotions – what do I find significant at the moment
==>iii. Ease – whatever is the least confrontational choice
==>iv. The problem with this is that these are not consistent!
b. Love
==>i. Love is subjective. Everyone has a different idea of what love is
4. SOLUTION: base your values on God’s law – it is His Word, the Bible
a. For instance: lying – Proverbs 1:18
==>i. Lies is a form of ambushing yourself and it will lead to your breakdown
==>==>1. you lie to cover your previous lies until there’s so many lies that there’s no more you.
==>ii. If you ever base your values on something, base it on moral absolutes
==>==>1. Psalm 19 – the law of the LORD is perfect
==>==>2. the law of the LORD does not repress but liberates – just like a sparrow’s feathers, it limits it from swimming the English Channel, but it liberates it for the skies above, where it was meant to be. Our feathers are for pleasing God, and not the world
5. However! Moral absolutes will destroy you if you don’t recognize their role
a. You cannot follow the law of God on your own, you need a role model. He is Jesus.
b. The role for you is to please God.
6. Values should be based on consistency. The proof that the right values are the correct values is that they can withstand the test of time.
a. HALLOOO!! The Bible has been consistent for ages , get the picture yet?