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My Virtual Photo Album

look twice

here i am spooning more and more food onto Helen of Melon's plate. let's see how much she can eat!

and if you look twice, you'll see that, by coincedence, all three sisters in a row. there's stella whiping drool off her face. there's mel wiping someone butt with her napkin. why do you think the person behind me is turned at that angle? and why do you think mel's smiling? geez, deductive reasoning people, deductive reasoning.

and the culprit is...

ignore the demon in front of the camera, focus your attention on the people in the back. here, our neighbor (cause that's who she was in the previous pic) is turning around to thank mel for wiping her butt.

mel's innocent look

reporter: hey mel, what were you doing wiping your neighbor's butt?

mel: *smiles*

and now on to victoria's secret.