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My Virtual Photo Album

Serve your superior

and here's mel and stel vying for the honorary job of offering me their pitiful excuses for cake. *sighs haughtily*, fine i shall show my good favor for you and eat them both.

four corners do not make a circle

yes, that's why we have daisy and kevin hanging around to make the circle complete. WHOO! but they probably didn't know they were in the shot. good job unca david! from left to right, abby, ruyi, some hot goddess, and chenchen, who is already itching to get away. as usual.

east meets west

mom, this is ms inna. ms inna, this is a nightmare. hahaha, actually, it looks like mom's HAVING a nightmare cause she's got her eyes closed! ms inna looks kinda worried. she must be distressed over the many many errors i made in the program.

and now a word from our sponsers. word. ok, on wit' da show!