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My Virtual Photo Album

hey, lookie here!

no, it's not a deja vu. you've seen the people, now look at all da flowers and presents in the back. ^_^ EEHEEHEE!!! SO MANY!! ok, in MY little world, that's a LOT, OK?! sheesh...RAWR!


and for all the world to see! the most cheerful worker in the world! That, my friends, is my aunt. The lady behind her is my mother-in-law, Angela Hsu. yeah, she's abby's maman. well, i should say ex-mother-in-law, cause abby and i are happily divorced...or so it seems...


(L-R) Monica (the cook), Phoebe (the dumbblonde), Joey (the ditz), Rachel (the waitress), and...sorry, kid, i dunno who you are, but i guess you're the whiny kind 'cause you're Ross. in the blue, we have aunty esther, being dwarfed standing next to my dad, then my mom, and what abby's mom looks like from the front, and who i think is lalisa's student. who's lalisa? not sure. but i know she got a big nose. and this lovely arm coming off on the side belongs to natasha zadery. no, chris, she's not the hot russian you're thinking about. that's lilia an' i don't got a picture of her.

however, if you want to look at more russians, click here.