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Busy at work

i didn't even know unca david took this picture. gotta love the guy.

During the recital...

i'm playing beethoven. i remember because a few flashes went off and i thought of wood for some reason. i'm so weird. there's another pic somewhere of a second after this shot. man, if only i knew some more programing...i'd switch the two like an animation. it'd be a pretty cool effect. geez, i'm such a nerd...

The little girl grew

yeah, i never thought it would be possible, but it's true. you can barely see me behind stella. sheesh. QUIT GROWING YOU PUNK! hahahahaha. actually, we need you to grow taller than chris.

click the link and find out where the white rabbit goes. close the window and you can TRY to wake up and think it's a dream. it ain't happenin'