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My Virtual Photo Album

Victoria Secret's Special Issue

Featuring all asians. all under 6 foot 5. and we're all fully clothed. see why it's a special issue?

(L-R)Jocelyn Lee, some hot goddess, Abby Hsu, Gloria Lau, Mabel Chin (who's wearing high heels, so she only LOOKS taller than me), Cindy Wu, Sindesters wit da sexy butt.

oh, and observe the pretty food. yummy.

weird peter

notice that he's the only guy. notice how he's in the back. in a corner. petey, petey, petey, you gotta learn, if you're the only guy in a bunch of girls, you gotta stand in the MIDDLE. why? well, so after the picture, it's easier for us to tackle you and beat you up. now, if you stand off on the side (and close to the door, too) it's easier for you to escape, ya follow?

(L-R) Jocelyn Lee, some hot goddess, Stephanie Gan, Chenchen Fan, Mabel Chin, Cindy Wu, Peter Wu, (second row) Abby Hsu, Gloria Lau, Sindesters with da sexy butt.

weird peter

who am i kidding? we look more like the teletubbies in china than victoria's secret. geez.

(L-R) UCB, UCLA, Wellesley, UCB, UCLA, Oh-so-lonely, UCB, UCSD, Cornell, UCSC (the one wit da slugs...)

quick! let's get outta here! i think the nerdiness is rubbing off!