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Oikos - 10/13/02

You are an ambassador of Christ!
=>you REPRESENT Christ (think: what does the world see you represent?)
==> we are IN the world but not OF it
==> what we do in this life lasts forever (it's a record...act carefully, think carefully)
=> also, we've been entrusted with the good news
==> God loves the world!
==> It's the message of reconciliation

Evangelism is different for everyone
=> (it's your S.H.A.P.E.!)
=> God makes his appeal through US as his representatives

there are six different styles to evangelism
Style #1: Confrontational
i.e. the apostle Peter - "YOU killed Jesus! HE is Christ!"
=> it's very in your face and is terribly bold, but be careful, use this with wisdom
=> rarely beats around the bush
=> plus, it's a turn or burn approach.

Style #2: Intellectual
i.e. Paul - Ph.d's up to there, incredible mind of reason
=> In the book of Romans, he demonstrates his skill at reason, also Acts 17
=> Lesson: don't leave your brian at the door during worship.
my personal input here is that with intellectual evangelists like Paul, who dares call our faith blind?

Style #3: Testimonial
i.e. the book of John- the blind man who could see because he was healed by Jesus
=> always be prepared to give hope in the form of your testimony
=> it doesn't mean you have to be a converted ex-son of satan, you can be good all your life and then realize that you too are a sinner. people relate to this more

Style #4: Relational
i.e. Matthew- he had a party (for Jesus!) with all his taxcollector friends
=> he made friends with sinners and through him, they came to know Christ

Style #5: Invitational
i.e. the woman at the well
=> she invited everyone and anyone in her village to meet Christ
==> the difference between invitational and relational is that relational touches the people close to you, while invitational touches the people around you.
==> for instance, Sarah invited her entire dorm floor to church and they needed to call a bus just for her

Style #6: Servant
i.e. Dorcus (in Acts 9) was always doing good for the poor and those in need.
=> Servants are others-centered
=> they are people of action who want to demonstrate God's love through their acts.
==> for instance, the roommate of servitude, who was scrubbing the bathroom floors at 1 in the morning during a messy floor party. when asked why he was doing it, he answered, "It's what Jesus would be doing."
=> it's the real deal, and not just for show
=> and finally, it is an act of love.

*You're witnessing matters!
=> What would have happened if Stella didn't invite her athiest roommate to church? The church would be missing a very active, influential member.
=> What would have happened if Muhammad's English teacher didn't tell him that she and her small group were praying for him?
==> Muhammad would be in a Christ-less eternity. How dreadful is that?

God is making an appeal for you
=> We are indestructable in Christ, no matter what happens.
=> Jesus still loves you and never will leave you.

*Use wisdom and tact.

and the moral of the story is....
get off your lazy butt and evangelize!