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Grace on Campus, November 8, 2002

1 John 2:15-17 ~ What do we love? Vs. What SHOULD we love?

3 Mandates to Overcome the World…(yes, bellamy, you read right…=take over the world….hahahaha, yeah right)

  1. Hate the love that God hates (vs. 15)
    1. STOP loving the world
      • does not mean don’t love what God has given you…like Diddy Reese Cookies…yum…
      • means don’t let them be distractions from your faith…like worshiping Diddy Reese Cookies…yum…
        • world ~ physical attributes of Earth
          ~ people
          ~ false philosophies/ideology/beliefs
        • how do you know you love God? vs 3-6
          • at the moment of disobeying God, we’re saying “I hate you” to God
        • you either love the world or God
          • if we’re always looking for happiness, what has the world to offer?

  2. See the traps that Satan sets
    1. Lust of the flesh ~ guys/girls
      • Don’t mess with your own head by watching corruption on TV all day long and saying you won’t do it
    2. Lust of the eyes ~ gold
      • You see stuff, you want it…the world KNOWS that…so everything is sold through our eyes
      • Pride of eyes ~ glory
        • desire of being seen/known and enjoying it
        • can be thinking that my way is better than God’s way
        • can be boasting
        • can be thinking about yourself 24/7 ~ there is NO SUCH THING as LOW self-esteem…people with “low self-esteem” think of nothing BUT THEMSELVES…ALL DAY!

        all these were encompassed by the tree of knowledge which Adam and Eve fell for…another example was the tempting of Jesus, but he didn’t fall for it.

      1. Overcome the World
        1. Live the life that lasts forever
          • It’s the QUALITY of life, not the QUANTITY
        2. Believe the Gospel, love God more than the world

      • Good guys don’t always win…but bad guys go to hell…
      • Change what you love
        1. enjoy what God has given you, but don’t let it become a distraction
        2. water is great for sailing…except when it’s IN the boat…
          • likewise…the things of the world are great…except when it’s all that you are