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Eujay is one talent that is going to be heard a lot of in the near future. Excellent vocals and lyrics with catchy tunes. We loved his single so much, we are now playing on a permanent basis! Keep it coming Eujay!

Jim Sotirianakos - Out Radio Network

"We received the CD. Very impressive, can't wait for the album to come out."

Jim Sotirianakos -"Thanks for the CD, I received it and did a special show!....and guess what! listener's just loved The Climb!!! Send more songs because my listeners do not usually stop what they are doing and call to request a song!"

Fabio Coltro - Radio Brazil

"Eujay's song really stuck in the heads of everyone at the station when I played it, that's for sure. It is rare when I say "wow! , this could actually be on commercial radio". Very full production and the kind of vocals that could establish him as a major R&B player. "

"All Eujay wants is some sex (or so he says in the song) . He already has the required R&B stylings down. I would not be surprised to hear this coming out my step daughters radio soon. I literally could not get this out of my head for hours. "

Don Campau No Pigeons- 91.5 FM KKUP in Cupertino California

"Very catchy after hearing it several times!"

Lord Litter -



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