Rudy Ortiz
Artistic Director
Bateria and Music Director
Academicos da Estrada Real

San Francisco native Rudy Ortiz, percussionist/singer, has  been contributing
to the growth of the Latin music scene and Carnaval San Francisco for over 25

At San Francisco State University he  majored in  Anthropology with a minor
in the Music Department in Voice. He was a member of AfroCuban  Music  Dance
Theater ensemble Coco Santo.  He was  a singer/percussionist for  charanga  
band  Orquestra Rene del Mar.  He also taught as a Latin percussion
instructor for the Mission Cultural Center.

His Brasilian music experience began with Batucaje,  Brasilian dance company
and Carnaval parade contingent, and more intensively with Mestre Accordeon -
Capoeira master Bira Ameida - and Corpo Santo,  Brasilian band and
performance troupe.
In 1984 he was among the first members  of Escola Nova de Samba  as both
percussionist and dancer.
He was also lead singer and percussionist for  San Francisco Ska band
the Rhythomatics for several years.
This very busy musician always included  Brasilian music and dance  in his
artistic priorities.
Performances have included work with Santana and Pete Escovedo and recording
with Mickey Hart.

In 1996, Rudy committed himself to  Escola Nova as Bateria and Music Director.
With administrative and artistic changes, Escola Nova  officially  
metamorphosized into Academicos da Estrada Real after its 1999 Carnaval SF

Rudy has made 3 trips to Rio de Janeiro, thus far.
On his most recent trip to Rio for Carnaval 2001, Rudy met with Bateria
Mestre and Directors of Escola de Samba Imperatriz Leopldinense,  via Bateria
Director Adinelson, guest  instructor last year for an  Estrada Real
percussion workshop.
Rudy was invited to play in Imperatrizí bateria, and carried this honor
proudly as one of the few Americans who have been allowed to play in a  top
Rio de Janeiro samba school.

In addition to Rio de Janeiro style samba, Rudy has been a dedicated student
of Jorge Alabe, AfroBrasilian folkloric specialist, in the rhythms and songs
of the Candomble.
His knowledge, talent and passion for these Brasilian artforms  are shared
with the community  as he carries on the traditions as  Music /Bateria
Director  and  percussion instructor of Academicos da Estrada Real.