AcadÍmicos da Estrada Real

JORGE ALABE - Samba/Batucada Percussion      Workshop 11/9/00

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Jorge Alabe, drum master from Rio de Janeiro, leads a
special Samba workshop at Estrada Real's quadra. With
his long association with Mocidade Independente, he
instructs the class to do Padre Miguel's patented
"Paradinho", a difficult maneuver at any level, in
which the entire Bateria stops for one beat and
resumes the rhythm at the precise tempo it left off.
The tension to execute this was thick and Jorge
relieved this by comically limping around to tell us
that the restart was too rough.
Jorge's insistance on perfection ran the class into
overtime. But by the end of the evening, he had this
group of indviduals playing as a tight, solid
To host this workshop led by a Master with such
immense stature is a true honor for Academicos da
Estrada Real. Jorge's mere presence is a gift and a
Muito Obrigado, Mestre Jorge Alabe!