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BLOOPY welcomes you . . .

BLOOPY is a website dedicated to funny pranks involving:

(Above: Satellite photo of Toronto, home of the "Toronto Remorse".)

(this list contains originals and classics, the originals are indicated by *)

Blumpkin: receiving fellatio on the toilet whilst pooping.
*Bloopy: when someone farts in your face and any matter (incl. butt-flecks) hits your face.
Cleveland Steamer: when you poop on someone's chest (preferrably a solid poo).
Hot Carl: when someone poops on your forehead (the effect is enhanced if the poop lands, then wilts).
Warm Carl: when someone, fearful of a "Hot Carl", uses plastic wrap to sheild their face.
*Death Valley Waterfall: receiving anul-lingus whilst peeing.
Dirty Sanchez: essentially just a poop-mustache, the Dirty Sanchez's purest form results from a penis, covered in faeces, being wiped across the upper lip.
*Dirty Jose: the goatee version of the "Dirty Sanchez".
*Dirty Carlos: the sideburns version of the "Dirty Sanchez".
*Dirty Humberto: the full-beard version of the "Dirty Sanchez".
*Dirty Rodriguez: the mo-hawk version of the "Dirty Sanchez".
*Dirty Vaquero: any faecal-facial hair styles resulting from cow faeces, rather than human faeces.
Denver Chili-Dog: when a man suffering from diarrhea poops on a female's chest and then "breast humps" her (this may also work with man-boobs, but only in extreme cases).
*Hot Schlok: when an individual attempts to give you a "Hot Carl" but cannot produce a turd (thus the "schlok" sound of the butt opening can be heard, but no poo exits, only butt-air).
*Toronto Remorse: if someone who comits any of these pranks feels so bad that they let you comit the same offense on them.

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