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last updated 12-26-01

crust fest 2002
yep you heard me right.were gettin silly down here,plannin a crust fest for the fall or winter of 2002,it's planned on being in a remote part of florida.i have the space for it,and the generators to run the equipment.i also have about 6 bands lined up right now.but i need help,so if your in a band and would like to play,get ahold of me.this fest is going to be a free get together,but if anyone would like to make a donation at the time of the fest,to help pay for the bands gas money,then that wouldnt be bad.for all you kidz that are worried about florida,dont worry,this place isnt like key's really laid back.its a small town about an hour from gainsville.south.its also really close to tampa and orlando.if anyone is in the south and wants to come check out the town,get ahold of me,and i can put you up for a couple of days.might be campin out,but youll get fed and showers.anyway hope this thing works out.