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1)how much is shipping?--nothing all orders are postage paid in the u.s.
if your are not in the us,then you can check with your local post office.

2)how long are your tapes?--most of the time i use 90 minute high quality blanks,
if you want something that will fit on a 60 minute tape,then i will use one of them.i always put as much music on a tape as i can without cutting off songs.

3)how long does an order take?--i always try to get my orders out within a week,i ushally get them out in a day but i give myself a week.

4)should i write down my order,even if i emailed you and told you what i want?--yes always write it down and send it with your payment.
it sucks to get an envelope with 20.00 bucks in it,and no idea what its for.
it saves you time and money as well as myself.

5)should i include my email with my order?--thats up to you,i think you should,so if i have any questions or problems i can get ahold of you.

6)who do i make the money order out to?--WILLIAM CURRY

7)what size's and color's do your shirts come in?--shirts come in size small thru extra large.
they come in black or white.

8)what colors do your patches come in?--all my patches are either black ink on white fabric,or white ink on black fabric.

9)what kind of shirts do you use?--i use either hanes or fruit of the loom.heavy duty pre shunk shirts to print on.

10)what kind of material do you print patches on?--i use a fabric similar to duc cloth.but it dosent fray like duc cloth.

11)can i send you my own shirt or fabric to print on?--sure just email me first,and i will let you know how much it wil cost.

12)can i send you my own tape to record?--sure just include the return postage for it.(note that if i have other oreders to complete.i am going to get them out first.)