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Questions answered by Darren on the BBS back on September 3rd, 2000.

*Most embarrassing moment?
Falling offstage. In Brisbane 1998. In Spain in 1997. It was bad! How can you recover from that? You can't. I also regret most of my long hair moments except the I want you u.s vid. Loved that hair.

*Most interesting/unusual gift from a fan?
Recently received a timeline booklet of my entire career..(in Vancouver) that had everything.. every single event of my career documented. Also the inspiration from Jennifer in Toronto. She knows who she is.. but she is brave and so special. I am so proud of all of the people I'm met who struggle with disease or violence and still survive and THRIVE.

*Favorite board game?
I don't really like games. Seriously.
Perhaps a Brazillian card game called MAU MAU which is Portuguese for BAD BAD! hehe..

*Favorite colognes? Favorite womens perfume?
My fave colgnes are always changing. I don't wear D&G as much anymore. I have a new one. I still love it. In general I think these things are really private and special and should remain a mystery. Generally I love woody and earthy scents.

*What is the best concert you have ever been to?
eurythmics peace tour.
u2's zoo tv
michael jackson's bad tour

*What do you think you would be doing if you weren't in the music industry?
I'd be a teacher and a daddy

*Favorite childhood TV show?
wonderwoman, scoobydoo cartoon, smurfs cartoon. I liked books more. C S Lewis.. the adventures of Narnia. If you like Harry Potter...get the real deal in THE LION THE WHICH AND THE WARDROBE. Very cool.

*What is one thing you couldn't live without?
I don't just mean romantic.

*What are some of your favorite movies? (other than Star Wars..haha).
Steel Magnolias
Raiders of the lost ark

*Favorite smell?
Baby skin.

*What is you biggest fear?
Death. Not mine. But the impact that it has when you lose someone you love... and how I would deal with it.

*What is your favorite Savage Garden song?
I'll Bet He Was Cool.
I'm thinking of re-doing it one day.

*What is your least favorite Savage Garden song?
There are a few.
Truly is not one of my faves because I'm so sick of singing it. But I know I'll sing it for the rest of my life and now I sing it and get happy for the people who's song it has become. It's not mine anymore. It belongs to the lovers of the world.
I don't enjoy A thousand words or Promises very much.

*Favorite Christmas Carol?
I don't have one.
I think they're all pretty corny corny.

*What would be your message to our first Alien visitors?
It gets better

*What do you think is your greatest acheivement so far?
Personal, spiritual growth. Developing compassion for my self and others.

*If you could interview anyone...who would it be?
Michael Jackson

*Favorite drinks?
Starbucks Decaf coffee... caramel whatsitsname.. I can't spell it...!
I love milk! I love smoothies and I love water because it is the blood for my voice.

*Favorite foods?
healthy things.
fave meal would be something like a grilled chicken breast..grilled vegetabeles and steamed rice. But if I'm eating out.. I love Italian... I love Mexican.. Thai.. Indian!!
If you're going to twist my arm.. I adore popcorn at movies with reeses pieces dropped into the box.

*What is the best and worst part about being famous?
Best part..
Strangers tell you they love (pick anything about yourself..)
Worst part..
Strangers tell you they love (pick anything about yourself)

*If you could change your name, what would you pick?
I wouldn't.
I like being me.
I always loved my middle name because it was my grandfathers.
But Stanley just ain't that hip is it?

*What actor would you choose to play YOU in a movie?
someone gorgeous who looks absolutely nothing like me! haha..

*Do you ever get nervous before concerts?
..yeah.. more with anticipation. I get excited more than anything. I use that energy to put out.

*What are you looking forward to doing when the tour is over?
Spending time at home. Finishing the songs I'm working on. Getting more into Yoga.. really studying it. Finishing my screenplay.
Finding love. PLEASE!!

*If you could be female for one day, what would you do as one?
Talk about Darren Hayes to a group of strangers. Then possibly find out what the inside of a femail toilet looks like. I'm convinced women's toilets are HUGE because it always takes them sooo long in there!

*What is the biggest audience you have ever played to and was it overwhelming?
Party in the Park was big. Possibly 60'000 or so. I think the Olympics is going to be the largest one we'll ever do.

*Do you have recurring dreams?
Nope. I fly a lot though. Mostly just up.. I rarely go forward.. I just shoot up.

*What is the first concert you ever went to?
Alison Moyet Festival Hall Brisbane.

*Do you sing in the shower?
Every day without exception

*Favorite actors? Male and female.
Male.. Ralph Fiennes
Female.. Ellen DeGeneres

*Best year of your life so far?
this one..

*Do you ever get sick of being asked questions?