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Updated:    April 25, 2007

    Is Candiria a band anymore?  No one really knows.  Did Candiria get the short end of the stick?  Well, from what I hear... As seen in The New York Times; Candiria won a multi-million dollar settlement with the trucking firm that caused the demise of a tour, as well the result of most of the band members in Candiria to endure physical trauma.  Kenneth Schalk has reportedly left Brooklyn, NY for the West Coast in California... and is now residing there.  What he is doing musically is unknown. Mike MacIvor, Carley Coma and John Lamacchia are from what I hear, the only members in the group left and are trying to release the new Candiria album entitled "Kiss The Lie".  They were having some difficulties with the release due to the fact of no touring band, so I'm assuming no record company wants to put out something that even the band itself isn't going to do the legwork into promoting the album.  Eric Mathews is...  somewhere.  He always was the member of Candiria who strayed from the spotlight, and continues to do so, but for the sake of this update... I think its appropriate enough to say that he is no longer in Candiria.  I mentioned the short end of the stick before, because even though the members in Candiria were granted financial stability by way of the lawsuit... it seems as though the other members in the band still have the desire to continue on as a unit.  This is the impression I get when visiting their myspace page.  Its been rumored that Carley Coma is jamming around with some other musicians, but nothing official has been said by him.   As far as I've been doing this website... I've always tried to give honest opinions and reviews of their albums, and such and such....  I think its unfortunate that such a killer band such as Candiria is just fading away into obscurity.  They would always open up for lesser qualified bands... and after their accident, they would end up doing tours with bands that were even more, and more, not on their level.  Where were the headlining tours?  Candiria had better guitar riffs in one song than most bands conjure up in a lifetime.  Drumming... do we need to even suck Ken Schalk's balls anymore than what has been done already on this website?  Carley Coma.... a true pioneer of vocal growling, screaming and yells with rhythms of a great drummer... and his singing didn't suck either.  MacIvor ... smooth Illmatic bass lines one minute, -----crushing, pounding, destroying the bottom line the next minute.  Hopefully they'll at least release the music themselves and have it up for sale via their myspace page or something.... whatever. 

Thanks for the great music!


***Thanks to an email from a fellow Candiria fan, Tim Lane.  He informed me of this featured article in Decibel Magazine #031 May 2007.  This is perhaps the most up to date information regarding all things Candiria.  Read it HERE.  Thanks Tim!

Updated:    April 12, 2005

    Candiria is back home from doing some touring, the forum is currently down... nothing new really.... just giving a little update so that you people know that I'm still alive.  I definitely haven't been very active with this website over the past year,,,no apologies, I'm still here, just a 'lil busy dog... know-wha-I'm-saying!  I also don't concentrate much on Candiria side projects... sorry, but that's just how I roll with this website.... Candiria only.  John Lamacchia has been rumored to being collaborating with some dude from The Dillinger Escape Plan, but that is all I know really...  check THIS for more info on that.  peace out and one love.

    1. John Lamacchia quit Candiria to pursue alternative artistic endeavors.  His new project Spylacopa can be viewed here.

    2. Eric Mathews has taken a leave of absence from the band to go though surgery/rehabilitation.  Darren Carter or a.k.a. DC11 who was once an avid        member of the Candiria message board is now playing for him.  As stated on the official Candiria web site;  Mathews does intend to return as a full time member.

    3. Taking the place of Lamacchia is some dude named Steve or something like that.  I'll get his name right someday. 

    4. My review of What Doesn't Kill You is finally up.

Updated:  November 16, 2004

    Candiria will be a guest on this week's airing of Headbanger's Ball (Sat. Nov. 20th)!!!!  What's up motherfuckazz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  peace out.

Updated:  September 14, 2004

    Eric Mathews and John Lamacchia have been featured in Guitar World Magazine's (Nov. 04') edition.  Its about time you moron-magazine fuck-heads.  Anyway... I still haven't put up my review of Candiria's new album.  I know, I suck.  sorry.  peace out.

Updated: August 21, 2004

    Candiria was recently forced to cancel the rest of their tour dates with Kittie.  Apparently, something happened to one of Kittie's band members, forcing them to cancel the rest of their tour dates, and thus forcing Candiria to follow suit.  Candiria will be on tour in Sept. 04' with Shadow's Fall and other bands.... so check out the TOUR section to see those dates.  Also, look out for my CD review to come next week.  

Updated: July 27, 2004

    The new Candiria album "What Doesn't Kill You" is finally here!  Candiria is now on tour with Kittie in support of the new album.  See the Tour section for more details.  Also, my review of the new album will be posted soon!!  Stay tuned, and I'll see you in the PIT!!!!!

Updated: July 7, 2004

    Less than a week away for the new album ("What Doesn't Kill You") to drop and I'm excited.  You can hear a nice preview of the new album on the official Candiria website (www.candiriamusic.com).  Some people have mixed opinions of the new material based on what they've heard already from the clips on the website.  I myself have no opinion yet.  I'm gonna buy the album and tell you what I think of it.  And as most of you know already, I always offer my honest, unbiased opinion.  I think I'm gonna give it a few days before I write my album review... so stay tuned.  Come join the shit-talkers over on the Candiria forum, and give me a mother-f'n-shout-out. I am without a doubt, handle name:: "ape dos mil" ..........You,,,ssssSSuuuckazzz!!!!!!!!

Updated: June 1, 2004

  Well for all of us that have waited such a long time.........  "What Doesn't Kill You" Candiria's new album will be released July 13th, 2004!!!! This is the follow-up album to "300% Density", the successful album that had such killer tracks like Signs of Discontent, Constant Velocity is as Natural as Being at Rest and Without Water.  Also, Candiria has made a video for "Blood" the first single off their new album and will be hitting the video circuit this month starting June 21st!  If you want to see the video more and more in the coming weeks, drop a suggestion to these people HERE (scroll down to the Uranium section).  For the most up-to-date information, always go to http://www.candiriamusic.com I'll see you in a Candiria pit soon!!!!!

Updated:  March 6, 2004

    Candiria has a few shows coming up this Spring.  Check the TOUR section for those dates, more should be popping up soon.  Also, Candiria's new album "What Doesn't Kill You" will be tentatively released this June.

Updated:  February 23, 2004

    I have just been pleasantly surprised thanks to my anonymous friend "Marc". He just happened to post on my new message board and gave me some good news!  www.Candiria.com no longer exists.  Candiria has a new website called  www.candiriamusic.com.  So I sit here for a second and ponder:  I just breezed through their website for a second and see that a decent number of people have already signed up on their message board.  How could this be?  By searching google, the only thing relatively official to come up is www.candiria.com.  I as well as others, have been on their mailing list for a long time now.  You would think that they would have sent out a small email to those on their list notifying of these changes.  Maybe an email was sent out, and they somehow have taken me off their list.?.  Aahhh who knows.  I can't help but to feel a little left out here. :(   Something happened and I missed it.  O'well.  Anyway, Candiria have never been very on point with mass emails but I won't hold it against them, they don't owe anything to me or their fans collectively speaking.  We're only the ones who buy their records.

    In other news:  Candiria has a new record label: Type A Records.  Candiria has a new album coming out "What Doesn't Kill You"  out sometime in Spring 2004.  Candiria has an official merch store:  Here..  News, news, and more news... as fresh as..... well   ......  as fresh as finding a crumpled ten-dollar bill on the street.

Updated:  February 21, 2004

    Well, since no one has signed my guestbook in a few months (that is up until a few days ago).  I added a forum!  Go to the Interact section of the website for the **new** forum.  It isn't much, but then again... it was free.  Nonetheless, it is still a forum... so go now and leave all the remarks you'd like... censorship free!!!  Also, the candiria pit's new quiz, part V is up... go ahead and test your knowledge!!!           peace out.

Updated:  February 15, 2004

    Well, its been over a month, and the Official Candiria website (www.candiria.com) is still not up.  I don't know have any information on the band's current status.  In my opinion, I think its a little strange that their website is still not up and functioning.  It shouldn't take this long to update a website.  No, its not a pre-requisite to have a website, but in today's society, the internet has become an important liaison between a band and its fans.  Sorry, but like I said.. I do not have any further information on the band.  In a few days, I'll be adding a forum to this website, and since no one has signed my guestbook in such a long time, I figured that this might be a better approach for people to interact with one another.  .......stay tuned.   peace out.

Updated:  January 11, 2004

    As of a few days ago, the Official Candiria website (www.candiria.com) went down for a major overhaul.  Candiria has not disbanded (at least I hope they didn't hehehe) and their website should be up and running in a few days.  This is the best and only information I have to offer... so for you hardcore Candiria heads, stay tuned...   we'll just have to wait and see what the Candiria boys have in store for us.

Updated:  December 22, 2003

    To my fellow Candiria fans and music lovers around the world.  I have not been able to update this site in such a long time, and for this I apologize.  Life has surely taken its twists and turns this year to say the least.  But, enough about me.  To begin with, from what I've heard, Candiria played that show (*below insert) with Poison the Well at CBGB's.  For some reason or another, PTW had some technical problems and even though Candiria opened up for them, Candiria played a longer set than Poison the Well. 

On to different things.  As I started this entry, I noticed that it has been about two years since I started working on this website (published in January 02').  It has been a pleasure to learn so much about my favorite band Candiria, and their evolving progress towards success, and I shall continue to map their journey though these small, yet informative "news" inserts.

And now for the real news:  What is Candira up to?  Candiria is as of right now in a state of "progressive limbo".  By this I mean that A.  Because I don't have an "inside" with the band or anything of that matter, I really don't have the slightest fuckin clue!  B.  From what I've read on their message board is that they are equally:  working on new material for a new album,  designing a trade route for a new tour, and anything else you can think the group might be doing as a collective unit.  This being said due to the fact that the band does not readily offer such information to the public.  Why? I don't know, but we're patiently waiting. 

Thats all for now.  You can catch me or any of the other fuckin nut-jobs over at the official Candiria message board by clicking HERE. My handle is killerinstinct, so give me shout.  Please have a safe and happy holiday season!!!  I'll see you IN THE CANDIRIA PIT!!! -ajd.

Updated:  July 21, 2003

    Candiria has another show coming up at a secret location!  Press Control + A on your keyboard for the secret!!  Heheheheh, man are you good at this computer stuff!!  Click here for the secret!!!!!

Updated:  July 15, 2003

    Who's going to the Candiria show this Saturday????  Interesting side note:  The headliner, E-Town Concrete will be shooting the video for their song, "Punch the Walls" and will be directed by Dale Resteghini who also directed "Perseverance" by Hatebreed.  To see more about the show click here.  To bullshit with the Candiria forum freaks, click here.  peace out.

Updated:  May 10, 2003

    Well, here is my live review of the Candiria show:

    Place:  New York City    Venue: CBGB's    Time: 7:00pm    Price: $12    Other bands:  Most Precious Blood, Locked In A Vacancy, Start the End.

    The Candiria show was off the hook! I rolled up and it was pretty cold outside, about 50 people on line. The "will call" thing was very lax, they just asked for my name, looked on a sheet and put a check next to my name. Start the End was pretty good, I like the fact that they had some harmonies going for a while, the last song was pretty cool. After that I needed a cigarette, so I headed for the bathroom, and ran into Ken Schalk and chatted for about two minutes, took a picture of him and proceeded to the smoking lounge. Locked In a Vacancy, not my cup of tea particularly, kinda like 80's/death-metal/hardcore ala "shadow's fall". I went up to the front for Most Precious Blood, but I guess I'm a bit out of the loop because the singer apparently is not (Tom) the old Indecision singer anymore, which I was really looking forward to.  The music was really good, and the singer was pretty funny looking too, he kinda looks like a leprechaun!  I brought my new camera with me, and wanted to take some photos, but by the time Candiria played their first song, I was up in the front, but it was clearly not possible, it was too crazy and I didn't want to have my new camera kicked by some random flailing foot. Candiria was tight as ever, they seemed to be very excited about being back on the stage. I also noticed that Kenneth Schalk had a new red drumset which was beautiful!  I jumped in the pit for Signs of Discontent as usual. After that I was so tired I had to go to the back of the club for some water, so when Candiria played their new shit, I didn't really hear it very well. Again, the music was fabulous, and Tim Byrnes was in the house playing his trumpet, and so was Jorge Rosado ex. singer of Ill Nino. I met some really cool people that night, and wanna give a shout out to the guy in the suit and tie who noticed me and said "hey, aren't you the guy from that website?"  hehehehe of course I am!!  So I saw this guy standing in the back of the club with a suit on because most likely he just got out of work, so I said hey "lets go to the front for a better view"  so we went up to the front again  ...thanks for checking out the website!  All in all, a great night. ohhhh Also when I went to the back of the club, who did I see sitting by the tables to the left of me was none other than Matt Pinfield from MTV. I thought this was pretty cool because you'd expect a person like him to be at the Deftones' show which also went on that night at Webster Hall, but instead he represented for Candiria!  Also, I think Candiria will be playing something called the Fury Fest in France sometime in late June.     ........oops sorry bro...and a big muthafuckin shout-out to my boy Pabon!!!!

Updated:  May 5, 2003

    Just a little reminder for anyone who doesn't know...tonight's show is now SOLD OUT!!!  Sorry if you couldn't get tickets, but as you know.... I will be doing a review of the show tonight!!!  peace out.

Updated: April 4, 2003

    CANDIRIA IS BACK!!!  That's right everyone, I just got word of this today...what great news!!  They will be playing at CBGB's (Monday) May 5th, 2003, and the other bands on the bill are:  Most Precious Blood, Locked In a Vacancy, and The Set Up. Tickets are $12 dollars, and the doors are at 7:00 pm.  If I may offer advice to anyone who plans on seriously going to this show, although it is on Monday, the chances of this show selling out are more than likely, so please get your tickets in advance to avoid any disappointments.  I'll definitely be there so if you see me, don't be shy to say "what's up!".  In other news, I put up a new quiz and a new poll, ...click HERE to check it out!  peace out.     

Updated: March 22, 2003

    Well, I haven't updated the news in a few months because, well basically there's not much news to write about.  Also, I'm not about to write about my personal happenings, because its just not relevant.  Candiria is on their way to a full recovery and will hopefully start doing some shows in the Summer months.  From what I've heard, Candiria's video for "Without Water" still gets rotation on a show called Uranium, but I don't have cable TV so I really wouldn't know personally.  In reference to this site, I just put up another poll, and quiz for all you interactive types out there!  Click HERE to have some fun!  In other news, our country (USA) is at war.  I don't have much of an opinion about the war except the fact that I really don't like it when I see Arabs rallying around a bon-fire burning American flags.  I'm not pro-war, but I'm surely not going to spend a wonderful sunny afternoon wasting my breath at some useless protest...these people should have learned from Vietnam, protesting does nothing.  That's all for now, thanks for reading and may there someday be peace on earth!  ...........be safe!    

Updated: Jan 12, 2003

    Ghosts Of The Canal will be performing at the Micro Museum in Brooklyn on January 18th at 7 & 9 pm.  The event will also feature improvised dance performances and visual works from seven different artists. John Lamacchia will be one of the artists, and will be showing and selling some prints of his photographs.  There will be limited seating, so please come early. The doors to the exhibit open at 6pm.  The address to the Micro Museum is 123 Smith St. Brooklyn, NY.  There will be more information about this event soon. check out www.micromuseum.com for more info.

Updated: Jan 4, 2003

    No Candiria news at the moment, but for now, I'm just as excited to write about my experince at the Life of Agony: River Runs Red Again; 2003 event.  Tickets for this event were being auctioned off on ebay for as much as $125 each I believe.  I tried to get tickets for the show, and was online at the record store, but unfortunately it sold out by the time I got up to the vendor.  So I decided to give it a shot by heading out to Irving plaza, and taking my chances on a scalper.  We (my girlfriend and I) walked up to the place and were immediately solicited by a scalper who tried to sell us at $120 for 2 tix.  I told him we only had $100, and he took the bait.  BINGO!!!  We score and we're online!  We finally get in, and head upstairs to get the bird's eye view from above.  We stand on the top left side, directly across from the V.I.P. section.  First band up is Among Thieves, the set was ok.  Some small pit action was mustering down below, but nothing to brag about-musically that is.  Next band up was some chump-change, second-rate, who-the fuck are-these people!! ---band called Shinedown.  Simply put---this band was a complete 30 min. waste of everyone's good time and money.  Before the band even played, my thoughts were slightly scoured.  I mean, who puts a no-name act on a bill that people have waited six years to come about?  It was either a VERY big favor, or very poor planning whoever put this one together.  They were not appreciated at all from the audience.  Right after they ended, I even started yelling down at everyone, LOA! LOA! LOA! LOA! ----hoping that people would join in with me, but no one joined in, and they just looked at me like if I had 3 heads!  Go figure.  They finally get off stage and I was really beginning to think that this big-time show was really going to stay suck-ballz for the whole night.  Life of Agony comes out, and Keith is smiling at everyone, seeming very happy, and grateful for the grand reception given by the crowd, and by this time people are going totally fucking bananas!  So, they finally start playing, and its pure electricity from the first note!  The crowd, which just a second ago were doing golf claps for Shine-pussy, were now 1500 plus screaming-raging fans!  I couldn't tell you the set-list, but they played just about every song you would want to hear from Life of Agony, and more.  Alan Robert had some technical difficulties with his bass rig for some 15 minutes, so Caputo started to sing a song by himself with a guitar, but he stopped----saying that it (guitar) was out of tune.  I can't say that it was one of the best shows that I've ever seen, but I will say that it was one of the BEST PERFORMANCES that I've ever seen.  I feel very fortunate to be able to be apart of such an amazing event.  I heard somewhere that both shows, Jan 3rd and 4th will be made into a CD, and DVD some time soon, so look out for that!  Thank you for reading, and peace out!  Keep posted for MORE CANDIRIA NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

Updated: Jan 1, 2003

    Hello everyone!  I'd like to begin by taking time out to thank everyone (5,490 hits) who has visited my site in the last year!  This is the year-end update of  718 - the candiria pit.  As we begin this new year, it is important to reflect upon ourselves, and how we did, or did not live up to our expectations to live out a better life.  Thus, we have the New Year's Resolution:  A sworn personal statement to resolve a troubling matter of the past year, leaving it as but a memory in our minds.  This year is over, yet it is important to remember: It's NEVER to late to make a change for the better!  I'd like to thank all the members of Candiria for their great music, Pete; Candiria.com webmaster, and Gino DiBianco for his help with getting this site off the ground.  So much has happened over the last year, its virtually impossible to summarize, so please take a moment to read below, some of the earlier NEWS updates!  As we all know, Candiria is currently in a state of physical rehabilitation, so whenever I get rumors, facts, or other curious findings......YOU'LL BE THE FIRST TO KNOW!!!!   THANK YOU EVERYONE, AND HAVE A SAFE AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR AS WE WELCOME IN 2003!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  STAY TUNED FOR MORE UPDATES.       PEACE OUT.


Updated:  November 10, 2002

    (verbatim; info@candiria.com)    CANDIRIA RELEASES GHOSTS OF THE CANAL LP.  Candiria is very proud to announce the first jazz-oriented release on their own COMA Imprint label. "Five Episodes From the Subconscious" features Candiria's Mike MacIvor and John LaMacchia on bass and guitar respectively, and Candiria drummer Ken Schalk on keyboards. Produced by Candiria at Brooklyn New York's legendary Purple Light Studios, the record also features Thomas Cirillo on drums, Reginald Juste on percussion and vocalizations and Helen Yee on violin. The "Five Episodes" were recorded in several sessions "without a net"....there were no charts, no edits or overdubs and the record was mixed live by longtime Candiria collaborator Mike Barile.  ........................  I have not found one place where this CD exists yet, but when I do, I'll be sure to pick it up.  One thing you must be aware of is the very first line of this message.  Don't be mistaken, and I'm sure this was a slight overlook, but, this is not a new Candiria release.  Ghosts of the Canal is not Candiria.  Its a band comprised of some members of Candiria.  I just had to point that out in order for you to understand what's going on here.  Nonetheless, it still is very cool stuff.  No where close to the musical vicinity of Candiria, but still good stuff to chill out to.      peace out. 

Updated:  October 13, 2002

    Please welcome the newest addition to 718 - the candiria pit!  The addition's name is "paper".  Here, you can download wallpapers made exclusively by me!  That's right!  I made em'   hehehehehe!!!!  I've had some mixed reviews about them.  They are simple creations, nothing too extravagant.  I hope you like them....if not, too bad!!  peace out.

Updated:  September 28, 2002

    Great news!!! Kenneth Schalk is on a Vic-Firth educational CD called "Hard and Heavy".  The featured song is "Signs of Discontent".  One track has the full song, and another track is complete without the drums.  So now we can all play along to a Candiria track, as well, other notable rock artists!  This CD is FREE and available through Vic Firth or your local music shop (just ask them about it).  A video will soon be available on the website along with print ads in Modern Drummer and Drum Magazine and other publications. Go to www.vicfirth.com to find out how to get your soon to be collectors item. There is a limited pressing of this CD............SO ACT NOW SUCKAZ!!!!!!!!!!  

  Updated:  September 17, 2002

    I've made an addition to the pit.  It is called C.O.F., short for "Chronicles of Fate".  It mainly deals with the Candiria-related event of September 9th 2002. Go there NOW!!

Updated:  September 11, 2002  (you must read this)

   On Sept 9, 2002 Candiria the members of Candiria, along with Kevin, their tour manager were in a severe crash in NY State near Buffalo.  Candiria has dropped off their co-headlining tour with 40 Below Summer.  I have known about this incident since the night it happened via the candiria.com message board.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to update my site, in regards to this, as quickly as I would of liked to.  I work very long hours, so please accept my apology.  I thought about keeping this concise, but in order to fully grasp the important details, you must read on a bit.  The following is a "post" written by a member of the Candiria family and taken directly from the candiria.com message board (thanks Morgan! a.k.a. publishingcandiria).  

Update 7:22 pm EST

It's been hard getting details today, but I'll give you guys
an update on the latest.

First of all, your support is greatly appreciated during
this difficult time. The guys are pretty banged up.
I just talked to Eric, he said the van flipped at least four

They were in fact hit by a tractor trailer, which was
speeding. The traffic on the Interstate outside
Buffalo New York this morning was getting heavy, and the driver
of the truck wasn't able to slow down. The truck rear-
ended the Candiria van, which was hauling a trailer.
The trailer full of equipment probably buffered the blow.

Fortunately, there were no cars on either side of the
van or the damage and injury might have been multiplied
and much more severe.

No word yet on if any of Candiria's equipment survived.
The Driver of the truck admitted fault and was issued a summons.

Ken is right now still in the emergency room.
He's described as "stable," he had head lacerations
that required stitches and he might have suffered a concussion.

John is stable and sleeping, he was pretty shook up,
he suffered head lacerations and a "closed head injury"
meaning basically a concussion. He also broke his clavicle
and fractured his shoulder.

They were afraid Carley might have internal injuries, but
thank God, it turned out to be relatively minor contusions
to the abdomen and he's been released.

Eric suffered a couple broken ribs, a torn rotator cuff and
a knee injury.

Mike was cut and required stitches.

Kevin, "Larbo" the tour manager, was also injured,
with lacerations to the head that required stitches,
and a torn rotator cuff.

John and possibly Ken will probably spend at least the
night in the hospital.

Your posts will be seen by the band and will be
heartfully appreciated. The only street mail address I'm
authorized to give at the moment is the COMA Productions
address as written on the album. Anything sent
there will definately reach them.

COMA Productions
19 Rockhouse Rd
Wilton, CT 06897

This was a horrible accident, everyone's shook up, but
glad to be alive.

Thank God for that. We are all praying for their speedy
and complete recovery.

    That pretty much sums it up.  The only thing left I have to say is that "My thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time, please feel better soon!" -Adam.  PS.  I was thinking about sending flowers, but I think its stupid being that they die in like a week!  Maybe I'll send you guys some chocolate cake or something!!!  ---Let me know what'll put a smile on yer faces and I'll send it over rover!!!  Just don't ask for a BMW cause it aint gonna happen, I can barely pay for my dial-up connection!!  Get better fellas............peace out!

Updated:  August 31, 2002

    The word out on the street is that on November 5th, Ghosts of The Canal, the Candiria side project featuring Schalk, MacIvor, and Lamacchia will release "Five Episodes from the Subconscious".  For those of you who are not familiar with GOTC, the sound they produce is very ambient, relaxing, and sporadic in nature...very chill out music to listen to.  Its stark difference from Candiria is interesting to think about, that the guys in Candiria can produce such a soothing musical atmosphere.  In other news, the band will head out on tour with 40 below summer, for the whole month of September.  Unfortunately, Candiria will not be headlining this tour....and yes ladies and gentlemen, this just goes to show that the best band does not always headline a tour.  To be honest with you, my exact words were "Give me a fuckin break!!!", when I heard that 40 below was headlining this tour!  Logical explanation:  record label *bling-bling!  Finally, the MTV2 video rotation of "Without Water" is still going strong....so keep those votes coming!!    peace out.

Updated:  August 11, 2002

    Can you believe this damn summer is almost over!!!!!!!!!!!!  The word out on the street is that Candiria will be out on tour with Diecast and 40 below summer, sometime in September, nothing official yet though.  Also, Ken Shalk will be featured in Modern Drummer magazine sometime in October....so keep an eye out!  A few weeks back, Candiria did a show at north Six in Brooklyn.  I was all heads up about going until I got some free tickets to see Skarhead at L'amour (also in Brooklyn), so I went to the Skarhead show instead, and I'd just like to say how fuckin fun it was!  Skarhead is one of the few HC bands left who keep HC the way I will always remember it--dirty, raunchy, fun, metal, oh and did I mention FUN!!  There are too many bands out there today that are muthafuckin crybabies!!!  In other news... I just came back from the beach and was stung by a jellyfish for the first time in my life, actually, I was stung about 5 or 6 times.  It was nothing terrible really, something next to an annoyance.  I'm just glad I know what it feels like now.  I haven't updated the news portion as much as I'd like to because of my extensive work schedule,,,but fear not!!!!!  Keep this site locked baby-----if its about Candiria---you'll find it HERE!!!!!!!   peace out.

Updated:  July 21, 2002

    What to say.....what to say?  So much has happened since my last update, I'm just gonna have to give a rough synopsis of the occurred events.  To begin, I've been working 10-12 hour days, so the main reason I haven't posted all the news on here, is because I am too tired to do it!  I come home and all I want to do is vegetate!  Anyway, last Thursday my girlfriend and I went down to Vintage Vinyl in Fords, NJ to see the Candiria in-store appearance!  I had lots of fun!  I wanna say thanks to Pete, the candiria.com webmaster who hooked me up with a free T-shirt, and loads of stickers!!!  I LOVE STICKERS!!  Then, after they played....I got a Coma Imprint poster signed by the whole band!! I even got a chance to chat with Carley for about 10 minutes.  There was one thing that I must vent about though.  Obviously, everyone was there to see Candiria right!  But, the whole time the band was playing there were about a good 10 people bobbing their head to Candiria's songs!!!!  I must have looked like an idiot to some other people, cause I was the only person in my work clothes jumping around like an idiot!  I know its a record store, but give me fuckin break.....to me, seeing Candiria like that is the next best thing to having them play right in your living room!  In other news, Candiria's video will now be shown on MTV2 sometime late at night.  I don't know the full details about this, but I believe in order to have their video played--you must vote for them on the MTV's web site...........so go to the web site and VOTE!!!!  .............and finally, I have put up a new quiz, and a new poll under the "interact" page.........so check it out!!!  peace out.

Updated:  July 8, 2002

    I'm glad that I finally picked up my copy of The Coma Imprint the other day!  Head over to the discography page to read my review of the CD--you might be surprised to see what I think!  If you have a review and would like to see it published on my site, send it to me via e-mail (see "links" page for address).  In other news, for the 4th of July weekend,  I went to Dorney Park in PA, and went on this crazy rollercoaster like 6 times....It was great!  Stay tuned.........more news to come in the following days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  peace out.

Updated:  June 4, 2002

    The C.O.M.A. Imprint album has been delayed to a new release date of July 2, 2002.  This is confirmed information taken from candiria.com.

Updated:  May 22, 2002

    The new summer June/July tour dates w/ 36 Crazy Fists are up so make sure you head over to the tour section of the website to see if Candiria will be in your area this summer!  Also, just a little cool thing to note on the side, after entering my site, you see the frames page with the buttons on the left side and the cool-looking candiria image moving around.  What I just did and thought it would be a cool thing to share, is point your mouse over the moving candiria image and save it to your "my pictures" folder.  Once this is done, you can put the image on your desktop...it does look pretty cool !!!  I have about five different moving Candiria images, so if you want one, e-mail me with "Candiria" in the subject box, and I'll send you some! .....peace out.

Updated:  May 16, 2002

    Unfortunately, Candiria has made the decision to cancel the rest of their European tour dates.  As so it seems, the tour was proving to be unsuccessful coupled by poor planning, conflicting show times, and a slew of related miscommunications.  It was rumored for a few days that Candiria was setting up a tour with Diecast, but it fell through.  At the moment, they are setting up another tour with the supporting act still undeclared.  In other news, rumors have been spreading like wildfires about the special promo editions of the C.O.M.A. Imprint album, that was sent to a select lucky few--and of course I WASN'T ONE OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Anyway...I heard it was really good.  But damnit.....give me a break!!  Doesn't every band say that about material they just are releasing!!!  I'm an honest guy, and come June 11th, I'm posting MY review, just like I've done with every other album, and let me tell you, I'm hoping for the best (but if for some reason the album does me wrong--- you - the reader will be the first to know!).  And if you're reading this......do me a favor,,,sign my fuckin guestbook please.......the last time anyone signed that shit was like 15 years ago!!!!

Updated:  May 3, 2002

    ....Happy Birthday to ME!  It was actually yesterday, but I was too busy to post it.  Anyway,  I just found out some interesting news.  The April 30th show at The Chance in upstate NY was recorded by Michael Barile, and is intended to be put out as a "live" CD some time in the coming months.  ...And just in case you haven't seen below yet, I went to the show at North Six in Brooklyn, and it was slammin! --  I also wrote up a review, so check it out!  The set list for that night (as well the "live" CD) is as follows:

1. Paradigm Shift
2. Mathematics
. 300% Density
4. Temple of Sickness
5. Channeling Elements
6. Constant Velocity
7. Without Water
8. Work In Progress
9. Signs of Discontent
10. Faction
11. Pull
12. An Act of True Emotion (instrumental)

Updated:  April 30, 2002

    I went to the show last night at North Six in Brooklyn.  Read all about why this was such a great show HERE!

Updated:  April 26, 2002

    Cindy Mercurio, an adamant fan of Alice In Chains since her early teens, wrote a tribute concerning the untimely death of lead singer Layne Staley.  It is heart-felt, well composed, and is very nice to read.  Click Here to read it....        peace out.

R.I.P.  Layne Staley (Alice In Chains)

Updated:  April 19, 2002

    In the news.....   "The People Have Spoken!"  Our numerous requests and vicious attack of e-mails have paid off.  This Saturday night at 11pm EST on the "Loud" show at Much Music will air the Candiria video "Without Water".  I'm sure most of us have already seen the video from candiria.com, but that's beside the point.  Those who don't have computer access will see what a great music video Candiria has produced....and of course, credit to Bill Yukich, who directed the production.  What a great thing this is.  There's going to be someone staying at home this Saturday night, bored out of his/her mind, just watching Much Music, when all of a sudden BOOM!  Candiria comes on the TV screen, and this person is going to be like "Holy Shit man....that was one of the coolest songs I've heard in months!!"  IIII IIII III     ....Yes!!    Tally up another Candiria fan.  Total count: 7,108,000,000,000 (and counting).  In other news, lately, in the NY Metro area, its been unseasonably hot, I'd say around 85-90F for the past few days!  I'm just not ready for this kind of heat yet!!!  Random fact:  Kenneth Schalk was the assistant engineer for E-Town Concrete's album: " The Second Coming" ( 2000), also recorded at Purple Light studios in Brooklyn.   ...peace out!!

Much Music's vidplaylist for Saturday, April 20:   LOUD Saturdays@ 11 pm ET/ 8 pm PT

Updated:  April 9, 2002

    The C.O.M.A. Imprint album release date has been changed from May 7th to June 11th, due in-part by unforeseen delays.  Random Fact:  All albums, regardless of label and/or genre are released on either a Tuesday or a Thursday.  Why?  I have know idea....its just the way the industry works!!   peace out.

Updated:  March 25, 2002

    I went to the video shoot at the Knitting Factory and it was great!  At first, I thought it was a little awkward, being, like the advertisement said, at times people were instructed to mosh at times when no music was playing.  All you heard was the sound of bodies clashing against each other.  Surely, it was something different and interesting to see.  It was also cool because, the Knitting Factory is such a small club.  I must give credit to the crew who organized the event, it started, and ended exactly on time...and the distribution of pizza to everyone was well organized.  This just reinforced to me how great of a band Candiria is--no other band could organize something as smooth as that!  I also wanna give a shout out to Chriscore24 who represented all the way from New Paltz, NY--he gave his heart out in the pit, and came out with some battle scars!!  In other news, a NEW QUIZ has been added to the site, as well a NEW POLL--so check it out under the INTERACT link!!  peace out!!

Updated:  March 14, 2002

    The new video for "Without Water" is now online at candiria.com.  I think it is great, especially the beginning.  Unfortunately, I only have a 56K modem, and it isn't as clear as I'd like it to be.  In order to get this video on TV, it is imperative for us Candiria fans to do the following:  Send an e-mail to MuchMusic, and simply state your request.....nothing elaborate.  ---And do it as many times as you can!!  The address is loud@muchmusic.com   ..........  In other news, the artwork, and track-listing for the re-issue of Beyond Reasonable Doubt is up.  You can see it on the discography page.  Just click HEREIt's strange, but to me this seems more than a re-issue of an album, and more like a completely new one.  But hey, I can't complain---it only gets better and better with each passing endeavor.  This is just a hunch, and don't take this as just a stupid plug for the band, but I have a feeling I'm gonna like this one better than 300 Percent Density.  We'll just have to wait and see till May 7th, 2002 !!!!!!!!!     peace out.

Updated:  March 11, 2002

Sunday March 24th NOON - 4 PM
74 Leonard Street
New York, NY 10013

Video artist Chloe Piene who makes dark, surreal videos has been com
missioned by the Tate Museum, Liverpool, England to do a project.
  The video will focus on the dancing and forward RESPONSE of the CROWD as inspired by CANDIRIA who will play a LIVE SET (or 2) for this project.  The total time of the shoot = 4 hours. The crowd will have to dance around and mosh at moments when there is NO MUSIC. It will be a little bit like musical chairs.  Pizza and soda will be provided to ALL WHO ATTEND. This will be a GOOD TIME HAD BY ALL for the band, the fans and the video crew. Bring your CD's & gear for signing -- Candiria will be hanging with the crowd when not playing on stage.  People are strongly encouraged to arrive NO LATER than 11:45 AM!!! to guarantee a spot on the floor. SEE YOU THERE!!

website for directions:

Updated:  March 7, 2002

    Rumors have been going around that KILLSWITCH ENGAGE will be on tour with CANDIRIA sometime in the Spring.  (KE) will be supporting their debut Roadrunner Records release "Alive or Just Breathing?", due out on May 21st.  From what I hear, the tour will be relatively East Coast--only traveling as far West as Memphis, Tennessee.  Candiria is now running their own record label called C.O.M.A. Imprint.  The parent comany of this venture is Lakeshore Entertainment, this is the company that was responsible for Candiria being on The Mothman Prophecies soundtrack.  That's it for now.....Oh'  and just one last thing;  HAS ANYONE SEEN THE NEW CANDIRIA VIDEO YET??? CAN ANYONE PLEASE E-MAIL ME TELLING ME IF ITS COOL OR NOT!!!  I hope they put it up on their website soon!         peace out.

Updated:  March 4, 2002

    The re-issue of Beyond Reasonable Doubt is rumored to be released sometime in May, 2002, but please keep in mind, this is not a sure fact.  Candiria is back in Brooklyn for some time now, and from what I've heard, the only show that is going down, is at some club in Philladelphia, and by the way, it is not the Trocadero.  Sorry I can't give you more info on that, that's all I know!  In other news, I was traversing the forum on candiria.com and Michael MacIvor made a post "Calling All DJ's"---and which stated that Candiria is looking for outside artists (DJ's) to make a re-mix of a Candiria song.  It can be anything spanning from Rap, Drum & Bass, Atmospheric, House, or anything else you can come up with.  I'm not sure if they are doing this just for fun, or are they considering these submissions for a future album?  Regardless....I quickly contacted a friend of mine who creates rap beats on his MPC machine, and he took an interest in it as well, and we're going to start on it sometime this week.....the hardest thing right now is to select which song we're going to re-mix.  The Candiria music video "Without Water" is traveling slim rotation over at Much Music, and I still haven't seen it yet!  Oh well?  I heard that its going to be on the Official Candiria website in a few weeks, so look out for it then.  And finally...have you ever heard of a band called Nonpoint?  Well, it just so happens they are pretty popular, and in the liner notes to the album "Statement", there is a photo of the bassist KB wearing a Candiria jersey.....pretty cool huh!!!!   That's it for now, this is the webmaster of 718 - the candiria pit; signing off!       ..................peace out.

 Updated:  Feb. 19, 2002

    I've put up the new "LYRICS" section of 718 - the candiria pit.  Also, I put up a new background under the LYRICS section, and I'd really like to know what you think of it.  Personally, I think its great....I did it with Photoshop, (I actually do everything with PS, but that's besides the point)  Please feel free to go into it and save the background image as "wallpaper" to your computer!!  Also, under the "Interact" link, I have put up a FUN QUIZ to test da Candiria-mental skillz....so check it out!!!  And finally, below I'm copying over and exact e-mail that Michael MacIvor sent me in regards to this site.  Things like this, make the site even more valuable to me!  So long for now..........     peace out.

              I just wanted to let you know that I got a chance to check out your site and I think it's great. Thanks for having such a love for the band that it drove you to really do something creative. It makes me feel like we're really succeeding in what we set out to do, and that is to inspire people to being more open minded and express themselves. I really appreciate all you have done.
                                                       Mike MacIvor

 Updated:  Feb. 13, 2002

    As you already know, Candiria is back home from a two-week tour of the U.K., and of what I've heard, they did some shows with Raging Speedhorn which went over really well. Also, in a recently published interview with Carley Coma, he announced the newest plans concerning the reissue of Beyond Reasonable Doubt, which will include two covers of "Bring The Pain" by Method Man.  The first one will be with the whole band whereas the second, will be a drum n' bass mix.  I can't wait till this comes out, its gonna be great!  You can read the complete interview, just click here.  I'm leaving the U.K. tour dates up until new ones are announced, just in case anyone wants to know where they've been lately, and until new ones are in, those will stay for now I suppose.  Also, 718 - the candiria pit has won the 2002-2003 Golden Web Award!!!!  What does this mean?  Basically, it means that someone actually reads this damn garble of a site and appreciates it!!!  In other news,  I received good responses from people who read my exclusive interview with Kenneth Schalk and John Lamacchia, I'm glad you enjoyed it!  If you've read some of the past NEWS updates, then you already know that this band is moving fast ladies and gentleman!  I don't know about you, but I think BIG things are coming for this band!  So if you get a chance to see them at a smaller venue, do it now!!  Who knows?  Candiria is looking real good these days, and might be following Hatebreed's path of Ozzfest destruction!!  Let's all cross our fingers!!!!            peace out.

  Updated:  Jan. 31, 2002

    Great news Coma-heads!  I'm finally done with the interview!!!  It is done.  Finished.  You can now read it!!!!  I'm not putting up a link to the interview on the sidebar.  Instead, I've put up links to the interview on each page of this site.  So where ever you see *Read my exclusive interview with Kenneth Schalk* Here.  CLICK ON THE LINK TO READ IT!!!!!   In other news....the Candiria message board has been keeping myself busy at night!  It has taken off like a rocket in just one month.....pretty good I must say, and don't forget to give me a shout out!!!  Click here for a direct link to the forum!  Finally, I've put up the Guest Book (interact), so make sure you SIGN IT!!!!!    peace out.

 Updated:  Jan. 25, 2002

    Candiria has left for the U.K.  If anyone intends to see them while they are overseas, please let me know how it went.  In other news, the interview I did with Kenneth Schalk is going to be posted soon so keep an eye out for that!  As for "the pit"...I'm thinking of putting up a Lyrics section, so for those who don't have any Candiria CD's (shame...shame!), they can read what the lyrics are.  Uhhh..what else? Oh!  I started the Spring Semester this week and hopefully I'll be graduating college soon (What does this have to do with Candiria?)....., Absolutely Nothing!!  Just thought you might like to know!  :)   Oh...and finally, I ran across this website the other day and let me just tell you, I'm not the easiest person to get a laugh out of, but this site had me rolling on my ass!!!  Please check it out!!   Click Here.               peace out. 

Updated:  Jan. 14, 2002

    The other day I had a great idea!  Wouldn't it be great to get an exclusive interview with Candiria, or at best a member of Candiria....and since they are home for a few weeks, what a better moment than now to try and snag it!  Apparently, I live in the tri-state, metro area and can easily take a 15 minute bus ride into New York City.  Last night I e-mailed Ken Shalk and stated my plea...and he said YES!  I can't believe this shit!!  I'm gonna interview Ken Shalk!!  I actually e-mailed the whole band (anyone can, just go to my links page for the addresses, or the Official Candiria web site), and would have loved to interview any or all of them.  But myself, I play the drums and can easily find myself at home with anyone in a conversation about drumming!  And so it is written!  The interview will be up for all to see as soon as its done!  peace out. 

Updated:  Jan. 12, 2002 

    Welcome to the inception of 718-the candiria pit!!  I'm pleased to have you here!  This site was created simply, because Candiria is one of the greatest bands on the planet earth!  This is the first time ever making a web site, and  think its pretty good, no fancy graphics, but very informative and fun to read!  If you'd like to learn more about me and the reason behind this creation, just click here!  Now, to Candiria.  Candiria is home for a few weeks in order to enjoy some time off.  In mid-January, they are leaving our continent and stabbing northeastwardly for the United Kingdom.  Check the tour page for details on that!  If you are planning to see Candiria in the U.K., please let me know how it went, I'd like to hear about it.  The NEWS portion of this site will be updated two or three times a month, so please come back!!!!  peace out.


(718) the candiria pit, was created in its entirety by the webmaster and is in no way affiliated with Candiria or Lakeshore/C.O.M.A. Imprint, Century Media or any other damn record label Candiria has been on!  If for some reason there is something you'd like to: comment, criticize, or squander about... feel free to contact me via e-mail. Thank You!