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Brendan's Belchtastic Burp Collection!!


    Before I say anything, I just want to throw this out there and this applies to every file that ever appears on this page, whether my burps or not:  "EXCUSE ME!!"  These burps are recorded in .wav format and when double clicked should bring up your computer's default media player.  If not, you should search the internet or within your computer for compatible .wav media players.  The only one I use that I know will work is the Windows XP version Windows Media Player or most other versions for that matter), but there ARE many other players that will work. 

    When you double click them, if the media player does come up, it should automatically begin downloading and even though none of these clips are very long, they will still take up to about 5 minutes to download and play.  So please be patient, and if you like listening to other peoples' prized burps, I know you will find that it it worth the wait!!  ENJOY!!


My First Recorded Burps!! (15-Nov-01)


This page is brand new!!  Please wait, a man can only burp so much, but there are many more files to be added.  Also, please feel free to Email Me with files of your recorded burps!!  If you are finished, you may return to Brendan's Musical Web Page!!