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"dark and scary ordinary explination information, nice to know ya parinoia, wheres my mother my young father"
blink 182 aliens exist
1. i wont be on that much cuz im at waldenwoods (or as erin would say wallyworld) so yeah...see ya when i see ya.
2. the movie is gonna rock! if you wanna know what im talking about, just ask
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(thats meeeee)
funny lookin aint i?
Hey its bobo here, whats up all? if you know me...i feel sorry for you, and if you dont..well heres a quick overview of what im like. Im 15, and ill be 16 on september 21st. im about 5' 6" and weigh about 123 pounds, yep im fat lol. I LOVE video games and Anime.  those japs know how to keep me entertained lol. and the best sport is HOCKEY its fun to play and watch. but anyways, i am kinda a freak, even tho i do try to fit in a little it never works out and i just end up forcing myself away again...ok enough deep shit, i need to be funny or your just gonna get bored and leave, am i right? anyways, yeah my friends are the most important thing to me. and i love going and seeing movies and just hanging out, thats always the best. and i have the best girl friend ever, love ya Beth! well if you like what you hear( i dont see why you would) IM me and ill talk, im always on line cuz i have no life...anyways, 
see ya when i see ya, 

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Thats Avril Lavigne, shes pretty damn hot, and she makes really good music...what more could i want in a girl?

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