On this day in AT40/AT20/AT10 history...
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Thirty years ago Tuesday (December 12, 1987), "Faith" by George Michael became the new #1 song, spending four weeks at the top. Because the top songs had already been compiled for 1987, this song was deferred to 1988...and it became THAT year's #1 song.

To climax George Michael's rise to the top, Casey Kasem retold the story whose theme was "save every song you write." That's what George did with "Careless Whisper," which became 1985's biggest hit and today gets considerable airplay on AC radio stations.

At #6 was Debbie Gibson with "Shake Your Love" but today she's known as Deborah Gibson. Anyway, Casey told the story of how she would conduct a test before releasing a single...by playing it for family and friends. Also in that show's hour four to tie in with song #8, "We'll Be Together," Casey told how Sting was the most successful ex-teacher to hit the Top 40.

To tie in with "Candle In The Wind" by Elton John at #22, Casey told the story of the actress the song was dedicated to, Marilyn Monroe.

Finally, at #27 was "There's The Girl" by Heart as Casey told how the group once literally brought the house down. The roof came down on one of Heart's concert buildings although no one was seriously hurt.


Forty six years ago Monday (December 11, 1971), "Family Affair" by Sly and the Family Stone was the #1 single in the USA. It was the last of the group's three #1's. They previously hit the top with "Everyday People" in 1969 and "Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Alf Agin" in 1970.

At #9 that week was a future #1 single and Casey Kasem told the story of how Melanie of "Brand New Key" fame rose to overnight success in Holland. Another interesting human interest story tied in with song #36, "Behind Blue Eyes." It was the story of how the Who's Keith Moon once took a plane to a concert site....where the concert had been already cancelled.

Among the extras played this show were "Please Mr. Postman" by Marvelettes (as Motown's first #1 single) and "Batuka" by Santana (from the then-#1 album, "Santana III.").

Casey also answered two question letters. He pointed out that the Beatles' "I Want To Hold Your Hand" was the Fab Four's biggest selling single with 12 million copies...but that "Hey Jude" was the group's biggest chart single with 9 weeks spent at #1.

Also, Casey told how "Open The Door Richard" by Count Basie had the worst chart performance for a #1 single, spending only four weeks in the Top 10.