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Thirty nine years ago Friday (May 22, 1976), "Silly Love Songs" by Paul McCartney and Wings became the new #1 song in the USA. It would stay at #1 for five non-consecutive weeks at #1 and went on to become 1976's #1 single.

"Silly Love Songs" wasn't the longest-running #1 single of that year, though, as "Tonight's The Night" by Rod Stewart did it with seven weeks at the end of the year. However, most if not all of those weeks at #1 for the Rod Stewart song came after the top 100 of 1976 was compiled due to B--------d magazine's early cutoff dates.

To celebrate the Wings' song's rise to the top, host Casey Kasem told of the phenomenal success of the Beatles and how they sold a million records a week...for seven straight years. Earlier, Casey read a neat poem from an AT40 listener. The poem came suddenly in the show as it wasn't teased ahead of time.

Casey also retold the story of how he was kicked out of his junior high school band. It happened after he improvised too much when he played the drums. The story was tied in with the Blackbyrds, who were at #19 with "Happy Music." The group was produced by Donald Byrd, who was in that same junior high school band with Casey. This same story was told about a year earlier to tie in with the Blackbyrds' only other Top 40 hit, "Walking In Rhythm."

A combination question letter (QL) and update was aired to answer a QL about the biggest hit by a working disc jockey. A profile and update were aired about Jim Lowe, who'd hit about 20 years earlier with "The Green Door." There were two more QL's two regarding the top medley ("Aquarius / Let The Sun Shine In" by the 5th Dimension) and the top answer record ("He'll Have To Stay" by Jeannie Black).

Ironically, the Jeannie Black QL was aired AGAIN the following week on AT40.


Twenty seven years ago Thursday (May 21, 1988), "Anything For You" by Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine was the #1 song in the USA for the second of two weeks. It went on to become 1988's #13 single.

To honor the song's stay at the top, host Casey Kasem listed the group as being among those acts named for cities to have #1 hits. Others included Boston, Chicago, Berlin, the Hollywood Argyles, the Bay City Rollers, Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band, the Manhattans and John Denver. Overlooked was the Kingston Trio but I believe a correction followed in a subsequent show.

At #12 was "Wishing Well" as Terrence Trent D'Arby's bio was told, including how was a shy skinny kid who won a boxing championship just the same. To tie in with the Jets' hit at #17, "Make It Real," Casey told how the Island the group was from, Tonga, had families who averaged 11.3 kids each compared to 2.6 for a typical USA family.

Two great stretch stories were also told. Casey told a "Strange But True" story to tie in with the act Times Two and its song of the same title. Casey told how Nostradamus wrote in the 16th century things that would happen 400 years later (e.g. World War II, Hitler and the Kennedy family). Also, at #27 was "Alphabet St." as Prince's being nude on his latest LP cover led to the story of the most controversial album involving nudity. In 1968, it you sold John Lennon's "Two Virgins" album in some countries, you actually got arrested.

Finally, Casey answered an often-asked question about the highest debuting non-#1 hit. At the time, "Wear My Ring Around Your Neck" by Elvis Presley from 1958 was the answer. Kenny Bozak of Memphis submitted the question and he would help AT40 get a key interview clip of the late Marion Kiesker that would be used in early 1990 not long after she died. Kiesker was the Sun Records secretary who essentially discovered Elvis Presley in 1953.


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