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Twenty eight years ago Saturday (February 28, 1987), "Livin' On A Prayer" was spending its third of four weeks at #1 en route to becoming 1987's #10 single. To climax the show, Casey Kasem told how Bon Jovi concerts include quiet rooms...where parents could wait for their kids and actually relax. After all, the quiet rooms are soundproof!

Also in Hour Four, after Casey outroed a Long Distance Dedication, the Jets' "You Got It All" (which was also song #5), he thanked the listeners for their LDD letters. "I want you to know that we read carefully every single letter that comes in...and I want to thank you. The songs you ask me to play for someone always take on more meaning after we hear your letters. It shows how important popular music is in our personal lives...and that's the whole point of our Long Distance Dedications."

Casey had time to play two extras in addition to the top 40 songs and two LDD's. He played the live version of the Beatles' "Get Back," noting that it was part of the Fab Four's last public performance of January 30, 1969. Actually, Casey said it was "their last concert...and nobody bought tickets." Plus, Casey played "Every Breath You Take" by the Police, the #1 single of 1983 which Sting described as "the nastiest song written by me."

Chico DeBarge was at #26 with "Talk To Me" as Casey told how his family's parents had a rule--when the lights go out and it's time to go to bed, no talking is allowed. After all, there were as many as 10 kids in a row. But singing was OK!

At #16 was "Nobody's Fool" by Cinderella, a heavy metal group that was obviously named after the cartoon character. As a stretch story, Casey told how there've been 58 versions of the movie, "Cinderella" (which is a record).

Finally, a bit of trivia. In a question letter, Casey pointed out that Bruce Springsteen had the most #1 albums for the 80's so far with three...and that the Boss' live album was the longest playing #1 album.


Twenty seven years ago Friday (February 27, 1988), "Father Figure" by George Michael became the new #1 single in the country. It stayed at the top for another week and was ranked #27 for 1988.

The most unique story on this show, though, came as a tie-in with Patrick Swayze, who was at #3 with "She's Like The Wind" (which featured Wendy Fraser). Casey Kasem came up with a list that included Swayze: Performs who got their first Top 40 hit as part of a movie they starred in. Swayze, of course, starred in "Dirty Dancing."

The others in the list: Grace Kelly, Hayley Mills, Lulu, Keith Carradine, Rex Smith, Irene Cara, Morris Day and one mistakenly included: Debbie Reynolds (because "Tammy" wasn't her first Top 40 hit. A duet with Carleton Carlton entitled "Abba Dabba Honeymoon" was).

Tiffany was at #11 with "Could've Been" as Casey noted that she's the youngest solo female singer to land a #1 album. It was called, simply, "Tiffany."

Meanwhile, Bruce Springsteen was falling down the chart, stopping at #37 with "Tunnel Of Love" as the story of Bruce's forgetting the lyrics of "Born To Run" was told. The audience was singing along to help Bruce jolt his memory.

Swing Out Sister, at #31 with "Twilight World," actually started when Corinne Drewery woke up one morning to find two strangers sleeping in her living room! Casey also told how the Jets once performed before 60,000 empty seats at the New Orleans Superdome to tie in with their hit at #28, "Rocket 2 U."

Finally, and sadly, Casey told how Michael Jackson dedicated his hit at #17, "Man In The Mirror," to a boy in Japan who'd been kidnapped and murdered.


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