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Forty two years ago Tuesday (October 13, 1973), "Half-Breed" by Cher was the #1 song in the United States for its last of two weeks. It went on to become the #13 single of 1973.

The real story of this show, though, happened when Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye debuted at #36 with "You're A Special Part Of Me." And it wasn't the uniqueness of the duet, either, that was the news. Instead, it's what AT40 historian and expert Pete Battistini caught...the B side of the single was played ("I'm Falling In Love With You"). The type of mistake happened about a dozen times in AT40 history, usually with it happening on the song's first week in the Top 40.

Two often-told-but-good-to-hear stories were aired on this show. At #32 was "Funky Stuff" was Casey Kasem told how Kool and the Gang were discovered at a nightclub in spite of being just the backup group. After all, the record executive wasn't scouting the backgroup group, but the singer they were backing!

"Loves Me Like A Rock" was #7 for Paul Simon as the tie-in to it was how "Bridge Over Troubled Water" earned $25 million for Simon and Garfunkel in 1970. That huge figure was through the single's success as well as the album it came from, plus the Grammy success.

Also, "Heartbeat--It's A Lovebeat" was #12 as the DeFranco Family's early success with teen magazines was revealed. And one of the question letters dealt with how there were no solo woman at #1 in 1958 or 1959...and yet in 1973, there were seven such #1's in 1973 alone.


Twenty four years ago Monday (October 12, 1991), "Emotions" by Mariah Carey became the new #1 song in the United States. It stayed at the top of the pop chart for another two weeks to become 1991's 14th biggest single.

To highlight the song's rise to the top, host Shadoe Stevens profiled Mariah Carey as being the first act to hit #1 with its first five USA singles releases.

Meanwhile, Aaron Neville was at #10 with his remake of "Everybody Plays The Fool." Shadoe told the story of Neville's troubled youth. For instance, Neville was a high school dropout whose heroin addiction led to him twice being sent to prison.

Shadoe showed a sense of humor a couple of times. He answered a question letter about #2 songs behind kept out of #1 by three different #1's. "Live And Let Die" by Wings and "I'm Not In Love" by 10cc were the the only ones at the time. And whatever happened to 10cc? Anyway, the letter was written by somebody named Buster Brown, to which Shadoe responded, "Nice shoes, by the way."

Also, Shadoe played a drop-piece of "Rose Marie" by Slim Whitman as it was the song "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" by Bryan Adams beat out for most weeks at #1 in England for the rock era.

The Music News was in full swing, was which vehemently opposed by "American Top 40" co-founder Don Bustany. So much so, that Bustany visited an AT40 staff to recommend that the feature be stopped. His advice was ignored.


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