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(EDITOR'S NOTE: In 2001, AT40 fan Doug Bowden e-mailed Rob Durkee his thoughts on the show of 33 years ago Friday December 10, 1983. Here are his thoughts):

Thirty three years ago Friday (December 10, 1983) the most successful duet between two men spent its first of six weeks at #1. 'Say Say Say' by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson was said by Casey Kasem to be the sixth duet by two solo superstars to reach #1. It not only went on to become AT40's #1 song of the 1984 chart year but had the best chart run of any song in either singer's solo career which includes more than 70 top 40 hits between them.

Peter Schilling's only top 40 hit at #18 that week prompted a comparison between the two hits featuring a character named 'Major Tom'. Peter's hit at the time 'Major Tom (Coming Home)' and David Bowie's 1973 classic 'Space Oddity' from which a piece was played.

Most unique about this show was the second hour which contained only nine songs. It was the show's first occurence of this instance due the long playing time of two hits in particular; Barry Manilow's 'Read em and Weep' at #27 and Bonnie Tyler's former #1 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' at #25. Both were written and produced by Jim Steinman each running about five and a half minutes which was still probably below average for ol' Jim who is best known for the long playing hits he wrote for Meat Loaf. By the late '80's and early '90's the average playing time of a top 40 hit had increased to the point where having nine songs in one hour of AT40 was not too uncommon.

During the same hour Casey told the story of Tony Burrows who holds the record for singing lead for the most different groups hitting the top 40 (five of them). A piece of each group's hit was played including a bit of the 1970 Edison Lighthouse hit 'Love Goes Where My Rosemary Goes' which is now featured in the recent movie 'Shallow Hal'.


Forty four years ago Friday (December 9, 1972), Helen Reddy became the first Australian artist to hit #1 when "I Am Woman" spent its only week at the top.

However, Casey Kasem didn't mention this fact to climax the show. Instead, he told the story of how Helen was glad she recorded for "Jesus Christ Superstar" and how she's a big women's libber.

Also in Hour Three, to tie in with Billy Paul at #6 with "Me And Mrs. Jones," Casey told how Billy began his show business career appearing with Bill Cosby 17 years earlier in 1955 at Philadelphia's Media Athletic Club.

Casey still also answered some question letters. He told how Frank Sinatra and Perry Como had the two longest Top 40 hit spans. Plus, he told how "Love Letters In The Sand" by Pat Boone took the most weeks to leave the chart with 24.


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