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Twenty three years ago Sunday (February 1, 1992), "I Love Your Smile" by Shanice became the new #1 song in the USA. She'd signed with Motown the previous year and became only the second teenage black girl to have a #1 hit. The first was Little Eva with "The Loco-Motion" in 1962.

Even though she was 18 when "I Love Your Smile" went to #1, she was already an entertainment. She'd been in an add with Ella Fitzgerald as a child and at age 11 was on "Star Search." She had a #50 Hot 100 hit in 1987 with "(Baby Tell Me) Can You Dance" in 1987 when she was 14 and two years later, she had a #78 single with "This Time," a duet with Kiara.

Althought her first name has been phonetically pronounced as Sha-NIECE, it's actually Shaw-NIECE. Whatever the case, "I Love Your Smile" became the #5 song of 1992. It didn't make #1 on the Hot 100, however, as it peaked at #2 for three weeks.

Rob Durkee had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Shanice in late 1991. He was told she was a bit shy but the interview went very well for two reasons: Rob emphasized to her that she could stop the interview any time she wanted to. She never stopped it. Also, Rob remembers another thing he made up my mind to do: "Just get her to talk into the mike and we'll be fine."

We were...so much so, that when Rob saw her again about six months later backstage at Walt Disney World in Orlando (for the Grad Night ceremonies), she distinctly remembered him. Watermark GM Rod West shot a neat photo of Shanice and Rob. An enlarged autographed copy of that photo is still proudly on display in Rob's workplace office.

Meanwhile, on the AT40 show, Shadoe Stevens, then the host, gave a uniquely funny story about how cows gave more and better milk when they're entertained by Paula Abdul records like "Straight Up." Also, to answer a listener's question, Shadoe played drop-pieces of the only two Top 40 foreign languages hits since 1980: "99 Luftballoons" (Nena) and "La Bamba" (Los Lobos).


Thirty four years ago Saturday (January 31, 1981), "The Tide Is High" by Blondie became the new #1 song in the USA. It was the song's only week at #1 but its 10 top 10 weeks and 26 weeks on the Hot 100 were enough to make it the #12 single for 1981.

The show had its share of chart trivia. For instance, Andy Gibb stayed at #15 for a second straight week as Casey Kasem told how Andy's string of having his first six USA singles releases making the Top 10 would end at six. It was a record for a solo artist at the time, though. Casey also answered two question letters, noting that Karen Carpenter was the female artist with the most Top 40's in the 70's with 19 while Elvis Presley held the record for the most consecutive years in the Top 40 with 22. Elvis' record would eventually be broken by Elton John in the 1990's.
,p> Kenny Rogers was falling down the chart with "Lady," stopping at #35 this week as Casey told how Kenny's beard helped make him look younger. The Police once dyed their hair bleach blonde in order to get onto a chewing gum ad as Sting's group was at #26 with "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da."

Finally, Casey told the story of record executive Clive Davis, who once was fired, told to leave his office immediately and eventually founded Arista Records, which had Air Supply at #5 with "Every Woman In The World."

AT40 was well into the 1960's but, strangely, instead of playing three #1's as part of going through all of the decade's #1's, Casey only played two of them: "There! I've Said It Again" by Bobby Vinton and "I Want To Hold Your Hand" by the Beatles.


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