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You Know You're Asian If

You Know You're Asian If...

You eat rice at least once a day.

You eat everything with chopsticks.

You know and USE the terms "Fob" or "Fobby."

You make your friends take off their shoes when they come into your house.

You know at least one person who owns a store, restaurant, or nail salon.

You have a 5pm curfew.

Your parents own all the Asia Videos and Paris by Night volumes 1-1000.

You come home with a report card and all your parents can say is, "Huh? What is this funny little dash next to your A??"

You know what mothballs smell like because either you, or someone you know, reeks of them.

You've ever watched the Simpsons and wondered why the white people are yellow and the Asians are white.

You or someone you know has spent more money on car kits than on their actual car.

You think everything is about a thousand times better when it's FREE!
"Would you be interested in a free-"

You have to sneak a rice cooker into your dorm room in order to survive.

You don't think nuoc mam stinks.

You listen to Asia4. :o)

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