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A Part of You A Part of You by Cardin Nguyen

Verse 1:
So many nights that you can?t sleep
With the questions burning endlessly
Wondering if I?d ever be
The love forever meant to be
And you?re afraid that someday I may leave
Once I?ve found the pieces of my dream
Well here I am standing next to you
And sing this from my heart

Wherever you go, I?ll be there
There is a world we?re meant to share
Sometimes the words don?t come out right
Maybe I?ll find a way tonight
You?re still the sun in my world
Forever still can?t be enough
Till the end of time I?ll be
A part of you

Verse 2:
I don?t ever want to lose your love
You?re the only one I?m thinking of
I could live without your love
But there?s no meaning without you

Can you tell every time we?ve kissed
Just the sweetness of your lips
Baby how can I live without your love
When there?s no meaning without you

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