WeLcOmE tO tHe BeSt AnTi-BRiTnEy SiTe ArOuNd!

Hey all and welcome back to "The Best Anti-Britney Site Around!", now officially home to the Anti-Britney Revolution. You want to come inside, and see what we're all about? Take this little 7-question quiz and figure out where you'll be going. Don't cheat! Trust me, you'll regret it...Please come back again! Javascript Questions By Aaron Connelly

What do you think of Britney Spears?
A) I lean towards hate!
B) I love her!
How old are you?
A) 13 or Under
B) Older than 13
Would you describe yourself as...?
A) Mature
B) Immature
I have a sense of humor...??
A) False
B) True
Do you own any of Britney's CDs?
A) Of course! All 3!
B) Yeah, like I'd waste my money like that!
Where will Britney be in 20 years?
A) Singing and dancing, of course!
B) Flipping burgers at BK!
If you could rate Britney 1 (worse) to 10 (best), what would you pick??
A) 6-10
B) 0-5

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