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3LW - Biography   (Home)

A new century calls for a new kind of girl group: one that combines the charm and character of the classic female trios of the late 20th century (from the Supremes to TLC) with the confidence and individuality required for the 21st. Adrienne, Kiely, and Naturi-collectively known as 3LW (3 Little Women)-are that kind of group for the new millennium. Their music is a distinctive blend of pop, r&b and hiphop, right on time and totally in tune with contemporary trends. Their vocal harmonies sparkle, and their rhymes flow with wit and eloquence. Their backgrounds reflect the growing diversity of their country as it enters the new century. This is the new teen female trio called 3LW. Their Epic debut album, due out in Fall 2000, features slammin' production by Full Force (N'Sync, Backstreet Boys), Tony Nicholas (Gerald Levert, Subway), John John (Jon. B), Joe P. (Mya), Co-Stars (Sisqo of Dru Hill, Miss Elliott) and Sean Hall (Escape, 98 Degrees, Aaron Hall) among others. One of four sisters, Kiely Alexis Williams (Cancer, born July 9, 1986) was born in Alexandria, Virginia but moved to northern New Jersey just a few months later. She was just five years old when she got her first taste of show business, acting in a network TV pilot produced by Robert DeNiro and starring Lawrence Fishburne. It came as no surprise to Kiely's parents when she first expressed an interest in singing. From her earliest years, Kiely remembers hearing music in her home. "My mom managed recording artists and had a recording studio in our home. I remember whenever there was a session going on, I would sneak a peek, listening and learning." Surprisingly for one her age, Kiely cites Fleetwood Mac and the Steve Miller Band as two of her all-time favorite artists. "I always listened to the music my sister played, and that's how I got into them. Groups like TLC have mad energy and showmanship. They are more like role models and an inspiration to me. They gave me the idea that if they could do it, I could do it too." Naturi Cora Maria Naughton (Taurus, born May 20, 1984) was born and raised in East Orange, New Jersey. Naturi vividly remembers one special day when she was just five years old. "I had joined the choir of my Baptist church, and the choir director was leading a song and asked who wanted to sing it. I just grabbed the mic and started singing&hibar;I was so excited! And everyone was astonished, like 'Oh my God, I can't believe how this little girl can sing!'" Fellow New Jersey native Whitney Houston is Naturi's favorite singer, followed closely by Mariah Carey and the late Selena. The making of her debut album, says Naturi, "has been a learning experience. When I first went into the studio, I was a little scared--I didn't know what was going to happen. But when I got into the booth and started singing, I felt so relieved. I was doing something I love to do!" Adrienne Eliza Bailon (Scorpio born October 24, 1983) is of Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian de-scent. "Growing up, I heard a lot of music," Adrienne explains. "I listened to lots of Celia Cruz and La Lupe. I also love the music of Selena, Marc Anthony, and La India." Adrienne say sher mother, stepfather and sister encouraged her to pursue her dream of a career in music: "When family and friends came over, my sister and I would sing for everybody. With 3LW, I'm fulfilling my dream." In 1999, Adrienne was singing with her church choir at New York's Madison Square Garden when Latin-pop superstar Ricky Martin walked through the venue. "He was checking out the building before his concert," she recalls, "and he asked that our choir sing background for his concert. I was the smallest one in the choir, but my voice rang out loud and clear! Now that was a moment to remember, singing with Ricky Martin at Madison Square Garden." On the forthcoming 3LW album, "No More" and "Crush On You" are two of Adrienne's personal favorites. She's particularly taken with the production effects of the latter track. "The sound of this track is very futuristic," she says, "and that reflects our image as a group. 3LW are street-savvy, intelligent, into new technology-the teenage girls of the new millennium."