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Original Compositions

Solo Guitar
Opus & Title Publisher

1 Nadela Pizzicato (Italy)
2 Dos Impressiones Ibericas Beltz - Azpiazu (Swiss)
3 Stankona (Tremolo Study) Pizzicato (Italy)
4 Little Children Suite on Popular Themes Demetra (Serbia)
5, No.1 Old - City Suite in Mi-mag.(on Traditional Themes) Pizzicato (Italy)
5, No.2 Old - City Triptych (on Traditional Themes), ( I movement) Les Cahiers de la guitare (France)
(II & III movement ) Sidina (Serbia)
6, No.1 Suite on Russian Traditional Themes Polespecat - Gomel (Belarus)
6, No.2 Russian Gypsy Diptych (on Folk Themes), ( I movement) Polespecat - Gomel (Belarus)
7 Petrovaradin Suite (on Folk Themes) Tonos (Germany)
8 Three Old - City Medallions (on Traditional Themes) Soundboard (USA)
9 Montenegro Diptych (on Traditional Themes) UKCG (Montenegro)
10, No.1 In the Gloomy Autumn (Tango on a Theme by M. Jelcic) Naklada Autora (Croatia)
10, No.2 When the Autumn Leaves are Falling (Waltz on a Theme by M. Jelcic)
11 Suite from NOB (on Folk Themes) Nota & Prometej (Serbia)
12 Autumn Leaves (Waltz on Traditional Theme) Swiat Gitary (Poland)
13 Five Music Moments : Slavona, Rudolfina, Jovana, Ivana, Milana Pizzicato (Italy)
14 Yugoslav Fantasy (Romance, Song & Dance, on Folk Themes) Edition Daminus (Germany)
15 Introduction & Variations on the Serbian Folk Song Edition Daminus (Germany)
17 Old - City Suite in La-min. (on Folk Themes) Muzyczny Oficyna W. (Poland)
18 Three Himalayan Stories: Secret Shadows Jugo - Nota (Serbia)
Yellow Messenger & Mel - Bay (USA) Yeti Dance
19 Unsolved Mysteries: Loch-Ness Mystery Mel-Bay (USA) Ikeda Lake Monster Okanagan Mystery
20 Three Characteristic Dances: Alla Scherzo, Alla Tango, Alla Rumba J. Trekel Musikverlag (Germany)
21 La America Latina (Impression) Beltz – Azpiazu (Swiss)
22 Seven Short Sketches du “Petit Prince”: L’Avion, Petit Prince, Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia (Swiss)
Un Amour, Un Serpent, Une Rose, Un Renard, Une Mort 23 Dancing in the Rain Pizzicato (Italy)
24 La Oriental (Impression) Beltz - Azpiazu (Swiss)
25 Three Bible Illuminations: David’s Harp Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia (Swiss) Christ’s Donkey Magdalena’s Tears
26/I Romance on Traditional Theme “White Roses, Tender Roses”
28 Ten Short Pieces: Trail, Study, Lament, Ballad, Passion, Separation, Corda Music (Great Britain)
Alla Mazurca, Romance, Spider, Rain 29 Haiku Reminiscences UKCG (Montenegro)
30 From the Land of Opanaks (Fantasy) Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia (Swiss)
41 Four Characters after “Die Bremer Stadtmusicanten” Eres Edition (Germany)
42 Two Characteristic Dances: Pecalbarsko Oro Pro Media (Czech Republic)
Svadbarski Cocek 43 The First String of Apollo’s Guitar: Apollo, Cupid, Daphne, Laurel Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia (Swiss)
45 Lamento (Study for the Left Hand) Guitar Almanac (Belarus)
46 Tamburica Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia (Swiss) Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia (Swiss)
50. Three Short Piece: Crickets Serenade UKCG (Montenegro) Song of the Rainbow The Sea Etude
51 Augsburg (A Music Dedication) Vision4media-publishing (Austria)

Two Guitars
Opus & Title Publisher

26 Romance and Song on Traditional Themes Editions Orphee (USA)
32, No.1 Three Serbian Dances on Traditional Themes (Easy Version): Ed. Transatlantique
(France) Carlama Kolo (II Movement) 32, No.1 Three Serbian Dances on Traditional Themes (Easy Version): Syukhtun Editions (Sweden) Pashona Kolo & Uzicko Kolo (I & III Movement)
32, No.2 Three Serbian Dances on Traditional Themes (Concert Version): Pasona Kolo, Carlama Kolo & Uzicko Kolo
48 Three Days in Orient Express

Three Guitars
Opus & Title Publisher

27 Song and Dance on Traditional Folk Themes Corda Music (Great Britain)
33 Dos Abejas y un Abejorro Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia (Swiss)
49. Little Yellow Notes: Three Rice Grains
Three Lotus Petals
Three Silk Threads

Four Guitars
Opus & Title Publisher

16 Five Pieces on the Traditional Themes: Beltz - Azpiazu (Swiss)
(Romance, Waltz, Romance, Waltz, Romance)
34 Remembrance Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia (Swiss)

Guitar Orchestra
Opus & Title Publisher

36 Dance of the Beans ( four-parts) Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia (Swiss)
39 The Corn Song ( five-parts) Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia (Swiss)

Guitar and Voice
Opus & Title Publisher

38 Three Songs for Voice and Guitar: “I Would Go…” (Tenor & Guitar)
“Goethe Square” (Alt & Guitar)
“Stranger” (Mezzo-soprano & Guitar)
44 Four Songs for Baritone and Guitar: ”Don’t Go Far Away”
“My Trails”
“Germany is Far Away”
“I Gave You, for a Very Low Price”

Guitar with Other Instruments
Opus & Title Publisher

31 A Memory (Renaissance Lute & Guitar) UKCG (Montenegro)
5 Trosarine Praskozorja (Flute, Clarinet & Guitar) VP Music Media (Italy)
37 A Love Song on Traditional Theme (Oboe & Guitar) Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia (Swiss)
40 A Little Tea Leaf (Flute & Two Guitars) Muzicki Glasnik (Montenegro)

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