~Sweet Slumber~
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Close my eyes in slumber
What a sight to see
Moon and stars are dancing
Winds play harmony

Colors form kaleidoscope
Of colors that are blessed
With every hue of nature
The sky with colors dressed

Clouds are softest pillows
That float above in air
Upon each one a treasure
The softness I will share

Moon is smiling softly
Upon this heart of rest
Glow upon my world now
Is such a welcome guest

Sleep in sweetest slumber
Come close your eyes to see
All these special miracles
No darkness touches me

Quietly so peaceful
Within this heart of mine
Spirit touched by beauty
Will know this dream divine.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
2001, used with permission




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Corey Wolfe is the artist who painted this wonderful painting.  
The painting remains his copyright and is entitled Slumber.  

by Marge Harrel