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It's a baby Beatle for Mrs Ringo

Beatle drummer Ringo Starr - pictured with his wife Maureen on their wedding day - became a father yesterday.

Maureen, 19, gave birth to a boy at Queen Charlottes Maternity Hospital, London

Last night a hospital spokesman told me: "Both mother and baby are doing fine. It is a beautiful baby."

As soon as he heard the news 25-year-old Ringo raced to the hospital where he saw his wife and baby son in a private ward.

Later he celebrated quietly with friends.

Ringo and Maureen were married on February 12 at Caxton Hall, London. When they announced in April that a baby was on the way, Maureen said that doctors had told her it was due at the end of October.

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ZAK That's The Name Of Ringo's Baby

Zak - that's the name of the new Beatle baby. And he weghs 8lbs.

The proud father, Ringo Starr, announced this this afternoon on his arrival at Queen Charlotte's Hospital to visit his wife and baby son.

Why Zak? "Because it's short and you can't shorten it any more. And because we like cowboys." said Ringo.

"He's a lovely little lad. He looks a bit like both of us. he's got a little fluffy hair and a bit of a Ringo nose."

Ringo said he was at the hospital when th baby arrived. But he didn't see the birth - "No thanks."


Zak lies in a cot labelled "Baby Starkey," next to hismother's bed in the pretty lime-green tinted private room.

A visitor to 19-year-old Mrs. Maureen Starkey told me: "The baby looks extrememly well, is gurggling happily."

The telephone has been ringing all day at Ringo's home and at the hospital. Fans have rung up from as far away as Australia and America. Flowers and greetings have been pouring into the hospital.

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Zak's my boy

Baby Beatle Zak met his famous father yesterday, and cried. Ringo listened and gave a knowing nod. "It could be a promising noise," said father. "Could be. Could be."

Ringo was visiting his wife Maureen at Queen Charlotte's maternity hospital in Hammersmith, London.

He said: "Zak weighs 8lb. If he'd waited a little longer he'd have beaten his dad. I weighed 10lb when I was born."

Why call him Zak? "Well," said Ringo, "we like it. It can't be shortened. And anyway he likes Westerns."

The Beatles' new film is a Western called 'Talent For Loving.'

Ringo held his hands up to show how big baby Beatle was, and said: "I think you can say he's got a nose like mine. A Ringo nose. he's got some hair as well. But he's a long way to go before he catches me up."

Maureen? "She's very well and very happy."


Telegrams, telephone calls, and flowers have come in from all over the world.

Ringo and Maureen won't have to buy any baby clothes for months. The fans have taken care of that. Said Ringo: "We've already been sent 18 jackets, hundreds of bootees and scores of rompers."

CautionaryNote: Was Ringo joking when he said he was going to call the baby Zak?

His agent, mr. Keith Howell, said later: "As far as I know, Ringo and Maureen have not decided on a name yet. And if I know Ringo, he'll probably ad lib his way right up to the font and then announce the name."

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Baby Beatle Zak, the 8lb. son and heir of Ringo Starr, MBE, got the star treatment on his first day in the world yesterday.

Gifts and messages from all over the world poured into Queen Charlotte's Maternity Hospital, London, to greet his arrival.

Television and radio kept up regular bulletins throughout the day on the progress of Zak and his mother, Mrs. Maureen Starkey, the 19-year-old Liverpool hairdresser Ringo married in February.

Zak, who is said to have "his father's nose," acknowledged the growing fuss with a burp or two. Mostly he slept.


Proud daddy Ringo, who is used to such adulation, was overcme by it all.

"I would like to thank . . . the TWO of us would like . . . No, sorry . . . . the THREE of us would like to thank everyone, all over the world," he stammered.

"We're really knocked out by it all. We wanted a boy so much. Now we've got one.

"We chose the name Zak because it's original and can't be shortened. It's a cowboy name."

Mother and baby will stay in hosptial for another nine days. Ringo will return to his flat in Montagu Square, London only at nights.

"MUst spend every minute I can with my son," he said.

Asked what Zak looked like. . . Ringo screwed his face up.

Ringo already has firm ideas over his son's education.

My son will certainly not be going to a public school," he said. "He will go to an ordinary school just like I did."

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Baby Beatle Zak has his first interview

Zak, the newest Beatle of them all, met the Gentlemen of the Press yesterday.

And like his dad, Beatles drummer Ringo Starr - real name Richard Starkey - he had all the smart answers at his tiny fingertips.

A curt UGH! UGH! turned away the most persistant newshound.

The most persuasive cameraman was met with a BLINK.

The confrontation took place as 8lb, 2oz. Zak left London's Queen Charlotte's maternity hospital, Hammersmith - where he was born nine days ago.

He was scooped out of his warm cot into the arms of his nanny, Miss Marion Branwell.

Proudly his mum, 19 year-old Maureen Starkey, tucked his feet into hs lace shawl.

Then as he went into the bright morning sunshine, 25 year old Ringo warned him; "Watch out for those pesonal questions.

They will tell you they are only doing their job, but don't fall for that line. You understand?" Then the questions came all right . . .

How long will the Beatles last? "Coo," parried Zak.

"What do you think of the Rolling Stones? "Glug, glug," he muttered.

Are Jane Asher and Paul McCartney REALLY married? The baby yawned . . .

And with that it was over. Ringo, Maureen, Zak and his nanny got into a waiting Rolls-Royce and drove off for Montagu-square, Marylebone.

The world's smallest celebrity was going home. . . .

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