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Accommodation Accreditation Scheme

The standards set out below are those that would normally be required to receive accreditation from the Local Authority. Likewise St Martins College have a voluntary code of practice for landlords to adhere to.

Full details of the City Council's Accreditation Scheme can be found here.
Full details of the St Martins Voluntary Scheme can be found here.

Accreditation means that, at the time of inspection, the property met the required standards or their equivalent.

Accredited accommodation is the preferred option for all the accommodation officers in the area and may well become a future requirement before inclusion in any lists of information held and distributed by accommodation officers.

To obtain accreditation all that is necessary is for you to contact the Housing Section of Environmental Services on (012280) 817342 to arrange for an officer to call.

The officer will be able to help and advise on the standards and prepare the necessary accreditation certificate if your property meets the requirements.

Accreditation will be renewable annually.

This service is FREE.

If you require any advice or assistance please do not hesitate to contact this section on (01228) 817342.

Accreditation only applies to Shared Houses; this is where the occupants are living together as a family unit. This is demonstrated by such features as the sharing of bills, lack of locks on cupboards/rooms, one tenancy etc.

A House in Multiple Occupation is normally a larger property and is defined as a house which is occupied by persons who do not form a single household. There is a legal responsibility to register an HMO with environmental Services. If you have any doubts please contact us.

Accommodation Accreditation Scheme


To apply to shared houses of less than three storeys occupied by 3 to 5 people.

1. Repair and Cleanliness

The property should be in good repair; this will include such matters as:

Repairing any defective doors and windows. Taking action swiftly on rain penetration and/or dampness.
Ensuring that all services are working properly and safely and that gas and electrical appliances are regularly serviced and checked by a competent person and the results recorded in a logbook kept in the property for this purpose.
Ensuring that fixtures and fittings are kept in good repair and fit for the purpose intended.
The property should be kept in a clean and hygienic condition, free from vermin or pests.
2. Lighting and Ventilation
All habitable rooms should have an openable window direct to the external air.
Kitchens, bathrooms and WCs should have natural ventilation where possible, otherwise mechanical extraction is required.
All habitable rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and WC compartments, passageways, landings and stairways should be provided with adequate means of artificial lighting.
3. Washing Facilities/Sanitary Accommodation
One water closet, as a minimum should be provided in all properties.
Washing facilities with a minimum of one wash hand basin and a fixed bath or shower, both with an adequate supply of hot and cold water, should be provided.
4. Kitchen Facilities
A proper cooking appliance should be provided with a minimum of four hot plates, a grill and an oven. Its instillation must meet the requirements of the gas or electricity board as appropriate.
An impervious worktop should be provided at either side of the cooker.
A refrigerator should be provided.
A suitable food storage cupboard of at least one single floor unit size should be provided.
A covered bin should be provided for collecting kitchen waste.

The kitchen must be provided with a sink of adequate size with a supply of hot and cold water.


Space Heating

All habitable rooms should be provided with an adequate and effective heater, which must be regularly checked, at least annually, to ensure its safe and effective operation.
6. Refuse Storage and Disposal
Adequate lidded refuse storage containers should be provided for the property.
7. Bedroom Facilities
Each bedroom should be of adequate size, being not less than 6.5m.
Each bedroom should be provided with as a minimum, a bed, wardrobe, working area and chair.
8. Fire Precautions
Smoke Detectors.
The property should have at least two mains connected smoke detectors in the stairway. They should be properly fitted, located and maintained according to the manufacturers instructions i.e. two storey properties to have a detector to each story.
  Fire Fighting Equipment
Two 6 litre general-purpose fire extinguishers should be provided, adequately maintained, one at ground floor and one at first floor level.
A fire blanket should be provided in the kitchen.
  Fire Extinguishers
The extinguishers should be checked annually by a competent person to ensure they will function correctly when required.
  Fire Precautions
The stairway must be kept clear at all times and must not be used to house wardrobes, seating or other storage.
Instructions on what to do in the event of fire and location of the nearest telephone should be displayed in a prominent position.

DISCLAIMER The Accreditation Scheme is being operated by the Council according to information available to it, pursuant to reasonable and diligent enquiry and/or inspection, on the strict understanding that neither the Council nor any officer thereof is liable for any statement or information supplied, such liability arising or alleged to arise by virtue of any alleged contract, quasi contract or any tortious liability arising by negligent misstatement or otherwise.

St Martin's College Accommodation Services ( also run a VOLUNTARY CODE OF STANDARDS which is laid out below:


The Code

1. Owners will ensure that, in the provision of letting houses, no person or group of persons applying will be treated less favourably than any other person or group of persons because of their race, colour, ethnic or national origin, gender, disability, appearance, marital status, sexual orientation or social status.


2. All property details are reported accurately without misrepresentation.
2.1  All prospective tenants are given the opportunity to view the property in accordance with the consent of existing tenants.
2.2  Interested parties are provided with a copy of tenancy letting agreement under which the property is offered and, where requested, are permitted to seek independent advice regarding the terms.
2.3   No deposits or rents are demanded prior to the signing of any agreement, retainers being the only exception.

Rent liability

2.4 Prospective tenants are issued with a clear statement of the rent due, including dates, amounts and method of payment. A copy of the contract, an inventory and rent book (if rent is paid weekly) are to be supplied to each tenant before the agreed date of commencement of the contract so that the prospective tenant may, if they so wish, seek independent advice regarding the terms. Written receipts should be issued for all payments made.
2.5 Utilities and other charges
Prospective tenants are issued with a clear statement indicating responsibility for the payment of water, gas, electricity, council tax and any other service charges that might be applicable.
2.6 Written receipts are issued where requested by the tenant for any monies demanded and always for cash payments.
2.7 Letting agreements
The letting agreement is written in clear English and contains no terms which are in conflict with English Law.
2.8 Identity of owner
The name, address and telephone number of the owner or managing agent is stated on the agreement. A post office box number does not constitute an address.

State of repair

2.9 All obligations with regard to repairs and/or improvements agreed between the tenants and owner have been properly discharged at the commencement of the tenancy or other mutually agreed date.

Ensuring possession

3.0 All statutory notices seeking possession are served on incumbent tenants in order to mitigate any delay or hardship that may be caused to the owner or new tenants where the outgoing tenants refuse to give up possession at the contracted time.


3.1 Where access is required the tenants receive notification of the date, time and purpose of the visit not less than 48 hours in advance except where such notice is not practicable.


3.2 Business is pursued by him/her in a professional, courteous and diligent manner at all times.

Repairs and maintenance

3.3 There is full compliance with the provisions of section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act (1985) and sections 1 and 3 of the Defective Premises Act (1972) and where applicable the Council’s standards for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO’s) and the Housing (Houses in Multiple Occupation) Management Regulations (1990).
3.4 Planned or cyclical maintenance and servicing are carried out with due regard to the convenience of occupants.
3.5 Where a dispute occurs as to when a repair has been reported then the date on which the defect was reported to the owner in writing shall be the accepted date.
3.6 Where practical, prior notification is provided to the tenants of planned attendance by contractors.

Gas appliances and supply

4.1 Clear instructions for the safe use of all central heating and hot water systems will be given.
4.2 No form of bottled gas or paraffin heater will be provided by the owner as a heating source.

Electrical installations and appliances

4.3 lnstructions for the safe use of all electrical appliances, in particular cookers, space heaters and water heaters will be given.

Fire detection

4.4 All properties will be fitted with a form of fire detection and audible alarm in the event of fire. The system will comprise, as a minimum, an appropriate number of mains-wired inter-linked smoke detectors which meet B.S. 5446 (part 1) or a combined manual and automatic fire detection system which complies with B.S. 5839.
4.5 Each kitchen will be fitted with a fire blanket to B.S. 6575.
4.6 Each property to be fitted with a Carbon Monoxide alarm (preferably mains-wired with battery backup) manufactured and approved to
BS7860: 1996.

Hygiene and waste disposal

4.7 All facilities for the storage, preparation and cooking of food will be capable of cleansing and being maintained in a clean and hygienic state by the occupants.
4.8 All properties will be provided with an efficient and serviceable vacuum cleaner at the commencement of the tenancy


5.0 Deposits are administered efficiently and reasonably and are not withheld for any purpose other than for which they were levied.
5.1 Tenants are issued with clear written guidelines regarding the standard of cleaning and other arrangements for bringing the tenancy to an end to avoid disputes regarding the condition of the property expected at the end of the agreement.
5.2 All deposits are returned to former tenants within four weeks of the end of the tenancy.
5.3 Where monies from a deposit have been retained to off-set owners reasonably incurred costs, such balances shall be returned within the time-scale stated above together with a statement of account providing reasonable details of any and all deductions to the former tenant.

In dealing with complaints and disputes owners should undertake to:
Management of disputes

6.0 Make a written response to correspondence from tenants or their choser representative within two weeks.
6.1 Ensure that all settlements and agreements reached are honoured within three weeks of such settlement being agreed.
6.2 Maintain courteous professional relations with tenants during any dispute.


6.3 Within four weeks of receipt of any written complaint from a tenant or their representative rectify any breach of this code or, in the alternative, enter into correspondence with the tenant or their representative where such an allegation is contested.

This code of procedure does not prejudice any rights to seek legal redress or enforcement by either the tenant or landlord.

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For properties not managed by Johnson's of Carlisle this list of accommodation is provided on the basis of information supplied to it by third parties and on the strict understanding that neither Johnson's of Carlisle nor any of it's employees will incur any liability to any person whether tort, contract or otherwise, should such information be incorrect.