Chop, Chop..

Equipment required:


Carlisle, Cumbria, England


Well, this toy originated in a Happy Meal which should be renamed a Misery Meal for parents. Any unfortunate bystander who happens go to their local high street or mall on a Saturday, will sustain temporary hearing loss as a result of the *little darlings*demands for concentrated cholesterol and over-marketed, shitty fluffy things that they'll forget about in 4.5 seconds. That fine combination of social terrorism that is the 2 'til 5 year old is enough justification for the team here to exact some arbitrary justice.....

AND it's one of the chipmunks dressed as a f*****g Aztec, for crying out load!!

What happened...

Axe Chipmonk Neck 1Axe Chipmunk Neck 2

Gee, that must hurt

Axe Chipmunk Neck 3Axe Chipmunk Neck 4

'You can maybe get some cream for that'