We're having something of a Soprano's moment...





Once upon a time someone received a gift from her employer. This was the same employer who then went on to unfairly dismiss her other half who worked at the same establishment. Symbolic revenge may not be as intrinsically satisfying as actual revenge (and lets face it, much much easier to clean up after), but in true destroy-a-toy-land tradition, we hope that it proved to be a cathartic experience all round.

This one was motivated by something more than a blinding need to smash stuff.

(We would just like to say that we have nothing against dolphin toys per-se, it's just that this one had some shitty associations)

So take it away chaps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What happened....


Concrete overcoat 1Now that's what I call Casting (Concrete that is)

Taking the famous mafioso term the "concrete overcoat" to its logical conclusion.


Dolphin in concreteDolphin in concrete in the back of a car

not it's natural environment

Off to be offed

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