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Newcastle and Merewether and Recovery

The Australian ABC TV special entitled silverchair - From Frogstomp to Freak Show aired on Nov. 22, 1997 as part of the network's salute to Australian Music Week. 

The Presenter  was Dylan Lewis and his side kick the Enforcer

They went cruising around Newcastle in Chris's EH Holden with Dylan and the Enforcer asking questions.

The Enforcer added spice to the presentation by always being in the background doing the unthinkable, such as mooning a barking neighbours dog, trying to kick down the fence of Newcastle High School, and stealing things from the Johns family home (including an attempt on Daniel's dog, Sweep).

We've tracked down all the sites which were shown in the show .

Family  homes, Barking dog, High School, Erotica shop, 

Pinball Machine, fence enforcer kicked

The Photos were taken  January 2001

Former  family homes of Daniel, Ben and Chris








                Pinball machine Daniel Played in Laundromat


 Erotica  adult shop Newcastle  





 Hamilton South  Public  School Daniel, Chris and Ben attended


Highschool Fence enforcer kicked



                                       Green house with barking dog.     Enforcer mooned the dog


                                                  Cambridge Hotel where silverchair played June 1995