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My Best Friends

In vp, my best friend is more then one. I have several, and this page, I dedicate to them. Marwalk, Mysharona, Katie, Jewel, Trev, JD, Gabe, Dan...some of the best friends I have in here... This page is dedicated to you all.

My best friend is the one I can freely talk to about whatever is on my mind. No matter how trivial or seemingly unsurmountable the issue, we can talk openly--giving to, and receiving from each other, that which we lack in our own understanding.

My best friend is the one I can share my heart with without fear of rejection. My best friend enables me to rest in the knowledge that my heart is in safekeeping.

My best friend is the one God brought into my life to laugh with and cry with; the one who has shown me I can let go of past hurts, expose my heart and learn to trust in another human being.

My best friend and I are free to be ourselves with each other, but this freedom comes with boundaries. We are free to speak the truth within the boundary of love; free to pursue our own interests within that boundary of consideration.

My best friend is the one I enjoy being with during those times even when no words are being spoken, but volumes are being said. My best friend is the one I look forward to being with and miss when we are apart. To all my best friends,, I love you all. Thank you for allowing me into your lives.

JJ June 20 2001