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Fragile Heart

My heart is just a fragile thing,
easily torn in two
and that is why it is so hard
to give my heart to you.

I have built a wall around it
so tall and so wide
scared of what might happen
if I let someone else inside.

I've felt the joy of loving
the tenderness we'd shared
My heart swelled with wonder
at feeling someone cared.

But I've also felt the pain
of being ripped apart
and now what's left of that love
is just my fragile heart.

I love you in my own way
a love that's rare and true
never bending or changing
Doing the best that I can do.

We have a bond so special
unwavering til the end
and what I feel inside for you
is more then just a friend.

Maybe in time some things will change
and a fire inside will burn
and if you're still here and willing
It will be to you I turn.

I'm not asking you to wait for me
unfair,I know, that would be,
Just know that I do love you
and it's not you, it's me.

JJ 2/01/01