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Stand Strong

A small tribute to all of the families who lost loved ones in the senseless act of violence in NYC, at the Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania.

God saves the souls of the innocent.

There is a pain deep in my heart, a pain that never leaves.
As a nation in a whole, cries daily as it grieves.

The hatred of the world, never ceases to grow.
So standing strong, a unity, is what we need to show.

From the grieving families,to the innocent ones taken away too fast,
We pray for strength and freedom, for a worldwide peace that will last.

I believe there is a God in heaven, holding in his heart,
All those that have perished,giving them a brand new start.

They are watching down on us,
smiling and saying,"don't grieve".
"For we are still with you all,
and we shall never leave."

So rejoice in their freedom, and hold your loved ones near
As the force of all the nations gather, sending out a message clear.

We shall stand strong in this time of sorrow,
all nations brought together,
not giving in to hatred, we love always and forever.

The United States of America stands strong together, pulling the nation close as one. Together we stand, united we fall.

JJ....Sept. 11, 2001

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