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Bars & Lines

Green/White Notes
Blue/Purple Animated Notes
Colorful Notes
Pink Notes
2 Guitars w/black background
Blue w/2 notes
Blue/Red Animated Notes
Piano Keys Animated & Playing
White Staff With Black Background
Blue Line w/2 notes and a Black Background
Gray Line with 1 note
Black/White bar with notes
Instruments on line
Red bar with notes
Rainbow bar with 2 notes
Red bar with 1 note
thin red bar with 1 note
Red bar with white "music"
Red line, Blue background and 1 note bar
Transparent guitar bar
Very Colorful notes bar
White/Black banjo bar
1 note w/shadow bar
Aqua w/2notes
Black/White with 2 notes
Gold CD bar
Green w/2 notes
Guitar w/Purple Line
Orange w/2 Notes
Orange CD's
Pink w/2 Notes
Purple w/2 Notes
White & Black CD's
Animated Colorful Notes On Staff
Animated Colorful Notes On Yellow Bar
Colorful Line Of Notes
Dotted Line w/2 Guitars
Neon Blue Notes
Colorful Phish Bar 1
Colorful Phish Bar 2


Aerosmith - Black/White
Alien Ant Farm - ant
Beatles-light color
Beatles - names
Blink 182, Orange, Cosmo Girl
Backstreet Boys "Bring The Boy Bands"
Christina Aguilera-4 photos, black/white
Christina Aguilera-4 photos, purple
Christina Aguilera, 4 photes, yellow
Christina Aguilera, black & White pic
Christina Aguilera, small blue
Christina Aguilera, blue
Christina Aguilera Concert Background
Christina Aguilera, Green
Christina Aguilera - Orange background
Christina Aguilera - pink, white background
Coal Chamber - Vertical Side Logo, Black
Good Charlotte Background
Good Charlotte - Grey
KoRn "Are You Ready" Red Text
KoRn, Issues Canvas
KoRn, Jonathon Davis Background
Limp Bizkit-boy with sword
Nsync, 3 pic background
Nsync-Black & White, 2 pic background
O-Town, Blue pic
O-Town, Brown background
O-Town Color pic Background
O-Town, Green
Rolling Stones, Green
Rolling Stones, Purple
Rolling Stones with waves
Sisqo - Black & White pics
Sisqo, Black and White pics, Cubed
Snoop Dogg Background
Sugar Ray-Blue
Sugar Ray, Cozmo Girl Background
Sugar Ray, Purple Pictures
Sugar Ray-Red Text, Blue Background
System Of A Down - Black/White
System Of A Down - Orange
U2 "Pop"
White Zombie Circle Background
Blue Border BG w/Notes
Pink Border BG w/Piano Keys
Pink Border BG w/Pink Notes
Pink Border BG w/Pink Treble
Dark Peach Notes
Light Peach Notes
Gray BG W/Rainbow Notes
Blue Notes On Staff
Brown with notes on staff
Full Square Background with border
Black With Yellow Notes
White With Piano Border
White with staff and notes
White with black notes, big
White with big color notes
White w/notes & staff
3D Spinning Note Animated
Notes On White BG
Colorful Notes On White BG
Embossed Notes On White BG
Faded Notes On White BG
Gold/Yellow CD's
Yellow "Music"
White BG w/Black Grand Piano


Piano w/blue notes
Piano Keys
Black/White Piano Keys
Red Background and Piano
Piano Button
Piano Keys Button
Small Piano Keys Button
Speaker and Notes Button
Red Note On White BG
'Audio' Pink
Blue Oval 'Guitar'
Pink Animated 'Music'
Black/Gray 'Music'
Black/White/Red 'Music' w/Note
Blue Oval 'Music'
Blue/White 'Music'
Blue/White Small 'Music'
Multicolor 'Music'
Purple Oval 'Music'
Red/Yellow 'Music'
Square Purple 'Music'
White/Blue 'Music'
White/Green 'Music'
'Music' W/Notes
Purple/Yellow Notes
Red Circle w/Notes
Small Green Speaker
Purple Speaker
Teal Speaker
Yellow Speaker
White w/Black Guitar
White w/Pink Guitar
Animated Black/Whie Note w/Face
Animated Red Faces On Staff
Blue/White Animated Notes
Small Lime Note
Small Pink Note
Small Purple Note
Small Red Note
Small Blue Note
Small Yellow Note
Rainbow Button w/White Note
Starry Animated Black Note


Medium Banjo
Small Red Banjo
Small Yellow Banjo
Bongo and hands-Animated
Cello w/notes-Animated
Cello w/bow and notes-Animated
Small Brown Drumset
Small Silver French Horn
Acoustic Guitar w/notes
Yellow guitar-Animated
Brown Guitar w/blue notes
Brown Guitar
Red Guitar-Animated
Small yellow and brown guitar
Very Small Yellow guitar with notes
colorful Piano
Spinning piano-Animated
Grand Piano being played, VERY large-Animated
Piano being played-Animated
Man Playing Piano-Animated
Small Piano 1
Small Piano 2
Small Black/White Piano
Piano w/yellow arrow
Playing Piano Keys-Animated
Hands with Snare Drum-Animated
Gold trumpet blowing notes-Snimated
Small Gold Trumpet
Red Spinning Violin w/white background-Animated
VERY Large Gold Trumbone
Animated Gold Trumpet w/Blue Notes
Animated Alto Saxaphone
Animated Brown Electric Guitar
Small Record Player
Small Yellow Tamborine
Very Small Drumset
Animated Saxaphone With Red Notes
Blue Electric Keyboard
Electric Brown Guitar
Large Black Flute
Large Gold Alto Saxaphone
Silver Animated Playing Trombone
Small Alto Saxaphone
Small Animated Violin W/Notes
Small Black Clarinet
Small Blue Electric Guitar
Small Gold Trumbone
Small Gold Trumpet
Small Red Snare Drum
Small Set Of Purple Drums
Small Tuba
VERY Small Blue Drum
VERY Small Blue Guitar w/White Background
VERY Small Electric Guitar
VERY Small Red Piano
VERY Small Red Violin
VERY Small Yellow Guitar
Morphing Guitars
Red Spinning Guitar w/White Background
Small Black Piano, Red Chair, White Background


"Parental 'F***ing' Advisory"
"Music Links"-Animated
"Music Scene"
"On The Air"-Animated
Gold Animated "Music"
Small Purple "Music"
Small Blue "Music"
Small Pink "Music"
Purple/White "Music"
Yellow/White "Music"
'Music' With Horn
"On Tour" w/Map
"Rock N Roll" Pink
"Boogie" w/Hat
"Into The Music" Blue
"Music" w/Trumpet
"Lets Rock" Pink/Green Neon
Animated Red 'Music'
"Music" Purple
"Music" Red/White
"Music" Green/Black

Radio Gifs

On The Air Radio Sign-Animated
Radio With Notes-Animated
Radio Tower-Animated
VU Scale-Animated

Musical Notes

Drawn Black Note-Animated
Red Spinning Clef Note-Spinning
Red Spinning Note-Animated
Small Red Spinning Note-Animated
2 Red & 2 Blue Notes Spinning-Animated
Blue, Green, & Black Notes-Animated
Multicolor Notes-Animated
Green, Blue & Pink Notes-Animated
Green Notes-Animated
Pink & Blue Notes-Animated
Speaker & Notes-Animated
Alot Of Colorful Notes
Animated Black Clef Note
Animated Colorful Notes On Staff
Animated Staff Red/Green
Black/White Notes On Staff
Colorful Bouncing Notes
Lots Of Colorful Animated Notes
Red Blue Animated Spinning Notes
Red Spinning Note
Small Animated Pink/Purple Notes
Small Black 8th Note
Small Colorful Animated Notes


Disco Ball-Animated
Jukebox-Animated 1
Jukebox-Animated 2
Jukebox-Animated 3
Jukebox-Animated 4
Jukebox-Animated 5
Jukebox-Animated 6
Rock Band-Animated
Dancing Girl
Dancing Man
2 Animated Blue/Red Dancing People
Country Singer w/Guitar, Animated
Man Blowing In Horn, Animated
Clown playin Trombone
Mario playing piano-Animated
Western Girl and her Guitar
Dog playing piano
Beatles, Group-Animated
Beatles, Harrison-Animated
Beatles, Lennon-Animated
Beatles, Paul-Animated
Beatles, Ringo-Animated
Beatles - Small Animated Pics
Beatles - Pics Animated
Beatles - Autographed Pics
Beatles - Small, Fast, Animated Pics
Colorful Rock N Roll Stage
Black/White orchestra
2 Jazz Players w/White Background
2 People Dancing Close
Dude Sitting Down And Beating Drum
Frog Playing A Banjo
Gold CD On White Background
Rappin Dude With Stereo
Silver Spinning CD
Small Spinning CD
Very Small Speaker w/Red Notes
Greatful Dead - Lots Of Bears
Greatful Dead - Circle W/Bears
Greatful Dead - Playing Guitar
Greatful Dead - Skull
Greatful Dead - Animated Skull
Greatful Dead - Yellow Dancing Bear
People Playing Bass And Sax-Animated
Pink Panther playing sax-Animated
Green Frog w/Instrument
Singing Lady In Purple Dress
Red Dude w/Guitar
Small Gold CD w/Rainbow
3 Babies Singing
4 Dancing Guys
Big Baby Dancing
Baby With Guitar
Baby With Horn
Baby With Piano
Dancing Alien
Elmo Dancing
Tiny Drummer
Tiny Guitar Player
Animated Medium Sized Record
Animated YMCA Pigs Dancing
Pumpkin Notes
Smiley w/Black Guitar
Smiley w/Drums
Smiley w/Red Guitar
'You Rock' Smiley

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