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Kitty Katts Kradel

I'm BACK as of May..2012 !=^..^= Kitty Update!! ......... I have 2 albums out well, 3 now soon to be 4! & I'm also attending college now!.....Sooo I have been very busy and I know my beloved Kradel needs a lot of work! So many linxs are closed until I can fix them sorry about that they will linx you back here are to other pages where we can stay in contact below is my NEW email addy If you like reconnet ESP all my Lost friends.... I had to close it down because they took my Guestbook away here so sorry about that. ...... I am working on UPdating the Kradel soo Please excuess the It will Be back 2 ROCKING 100% soon...I have new Face book Pages & Reverb Nation Page so you can here me play and Sing..So U Can contact me Look me up The Links are below drop a line & show me some love!.........cause Thats where I'm hanging out most days now!........4 This Kradel Will forever ROCK!....I miss you all!!!! ....Love =^..^=

Greetings Your Rocking In Kitty Katts Kradel

New "=^..^= On Facebook"
New "=^..^= On Facebook" Artist Page
New Kitty TV! "=^..^= U TUBE"
New "=^..^= Reverb Nation"
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