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If you have reached this website, then you are either lost, or dwell in random chaos. Either is OK. Welcome. I will tell you right now, I don't write music commercially and even have a passion against composers who have become pawns of either the behemoth music industry or movie industry. I still listen to that stuff and go to the movies now and then, but hate the idea of having my tastes manipulated by money-making machines that, little by little, are stifling people like me from expressing their own likes and dislikes about art.


I believe in the freedom that Americans traditionally believe in and that in order for capitalism to work, large corporations must grow and die, but if they keep themselves going for too long, will strangle the rest of us. I don't believe in passing laws to stifle these industries, I believe in shouting louder than they are capable of with my content, not volume.


Keep an eye out for me. I'm everywhere and nowhere. I exist in your mind if you have read this far and that's the most important place.


Email me with your thoughts (if you have any):


Yours truly,

Louis Kobra