I hate to do this, but I can't stand it anymore. I have been getting tons of mail for me to update, etc. Well, I hate to inform that my Justin and *NSYNC days are over. I have moved on from Justin to a new man that is a Senior at my HS, so I am no longer updating my site. But, I will keep everything on, so you can visit and take pictures or whatever if you are starting a new site about him, cause I don't really care anymore. Also, I talk about being jealous of Britney or whatever, I could care less about her now, and if she is screwing Justin this second I don't give. Go ahead, so all I care! Anyway, sorry to dissapoint anyone. If you have any questions or ****NICE**** comments , you can e-mail me @: megmeg2005@hotmail.com Thanks. Oh, and if you are gonna talk $#!+ to me, I will talk even more to you, just to warn you, cause I can be a MEAN bitch. Lata!

PS: Thanks to everyone who has sent me there kind and thankful comments! I totally appreciate them, and things like that were the reason I kept my site going for so long! Happy 2002!!!