• Well, as millions of people around the world, including myself, watched *NSYNC perform for the first time ever on television,"Pop", their first single from Celebrity, so did I! And of course, I have my own opinion, and I want to share it with ya'll! When I first saw it, I thought, OMIGOD, that sux! Well, what I didn't like about it was the choreography, and the song, I thought sucked also! Well, I downloaded it, and changed my mind! Now I love it!!!


  • Well, to start, I HATE HER!!! Now everyone knows! Okay, let me explain myself! First, she has my man Justin! She doesn't deserve that sweet, innocent, HOT boy!! Second, she doesn't write ANY of her songs, except one, "Dear Diary", and that is not a #1 hit! I can't stand how easy it is for her to get songs...she doesn't write any of them, while REAL musicians write their own music, or play their own instruments, not just dance around and lip sync! Third, I think she is a slut. She IS a slut, excuse me! I think she is a bad example for kids like oyu and me, and people need to start to realize that!! Well, now you know my many reasons why I DISLIKE Britney Spears!


  • Okay...to start off I am PISSED off that they pushed back the release date of Celebrity to July, and POP to June! AHHHH! They always do that...for all we know, we may not see the new album until December of next year! And second, I am really glad that they finally decided to write some of their own songs, since being in the MUSIC industry, they should do something musical like that! But, no offense, but their new song will probably really suck...being I believe they have no good lyrical skills, unless it involves raising the roof up & Cowboys! Please don't be mad @ me, but that is my true opinion, and I am sticking to it! What is your opinion? Post it on my message board or Guestbook, and I will put it in YOUR STORIES! Alrighty then, I g2g!


  • Okay, how to start! I thought Justin looked X-tremely sexy in that shirt he was wearing! He looks so GOOD in casual clothes! But, (cough) the burping thing was a lttle 2 nasty for me!! Especially Justin!! EWWWWW!! I did not need to hear that, ya know? Second, the whole "Slime thing" was kind of cheesy! Really cheesy! I also think they should have won @ least 1 award!! Baha Men suck hard, & Destiny's Child is cool, but I figured the Boy Bands would win, but apparently, Girl Power beats out the boys! Well, if you have an opinion, e-mail me! I wanna know! Later dayz!