What Celebs Think of *NSYNC

Brian McKnight

"Justin is the little white brother that I never had let me just say that. I've known him since he was, like, 9, and he's probably the greatest young singer that's out there. I want people that denigrate boy bands to understand that this kid is the real thing, and that's why I put him on my record." ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


"Yeah. I actually like them [Backstreet Boys] better than all those boy and girl bands for the simple fact that I've known them since 1992, man. I remember in 1992 in Birmingham, England, they opened for me, and I remember going through Europe and seeing these guys do malls and their little routines when it was a handful of people in front of them. If anybody worked for this shit and deserves it, they do. *NSYNC and Christina Aguilera and all, they just came in on the coattails, man; these boys broke the damn thing open. They certainly deserve everything, and I respect them for that.

"I don't own a Backstreet album or an *NSYNC album or any of them, because that's not my style of thing. But I respect them for what they do; they bust ass, man, and they can sing." _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Sandra Bullock

"I love *NSYNC! They're so cute! They charge me up hormonally. I swear when they get on stage, I'm going to get on my chair and scream like the teenage girls in the stands." _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Real World, New Orleans

Melissa: It's the weirdest thing to meet celebrities and they freak on you. Like Ray, the MTV VJ Raymond, he called me. I don't care though. I'm trying to milk this and straight up meet Justin from *NSYNC because I love him.

Interviewer: I hear he's with Britney though, are you going to try to steal him away?

Melissa: He is. But I love him so much more. And I don't think he understands how much I love him. *NSYNC is black! Have you heard that album?

Interviewer: I haven't heard the whole album, no.

Melissa: That @#%$ is like watered down Boyz II Men. It's good!

Interviewer: I love *NSYNC. Believe me, I'm no snob about that. People say they don't listen to "Bye Bye Bye". Whatever! You love it. It's a good song.

Melissa: I missed the whole *NSYNC revolution because I was filming the show and I couldn't watch. Don't you know, when I got home, I watched everything I could watch. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________