About Us

Our Roots:

The Year is 1997.  The location is David's old house in Bartlemy Road Newbury.  Two young men stood  anxiously on the edge of creation...

Roger Green & David winter sat at the screen in amazement at what they had just created.  It was born on on Sound Recorder and involved a conga drum purchased from deepest Africa, and an angelic mid-teen voice.  This was the day that Nigget was born.  Michael Collins was truly impressed when he was shown the following day, and decided that the three should form a band.  The Shell Heads became the chosen name due to there being a shell on the windowsill which David decided to pick up and place on his head.  The Band's first recording was a sparse yet catchy little number called "Big Stuffed Camel".  The basic idea was that Roger and Mike chanted the lyric while David rambled on about various subjects over the top.  Various other songs emerged such as Rabbit without a face & Triple Elephant Song but none we're decided upon.

The band lay dormant for a while until the new recruiting of Daniel Dixon who was actually learning to play the guitar.  With the enrolment of Dan the Scarabs began writing real tunes and recorded their first straight to tape album, Fishops Gate Wanderers, without the aid of David who was not called because it was believed he was hung over.  Despite little success their school the Scarabs were not happy with the standard of what they created and decided to start work on a new album Slop Bucket & Cheese.  The album was recorded over three days at various locations and was a much bigger success with local friends and piers than the first.  The band then again lay dormant for a few years as the lack of talent and instruments took it's toll.  

The band re-formed again with Dan, Mike & Dave but as Their musical knowledge was far more advanced, they realized that they were missing something...Bass.  It was learned that during there closed time Roger Green had taken up the instrument but declined when asked to join saying he wanted to do more "serious stuff" with his girlfriend Faye Hurst.   Mike went off for a while and Dan, Dave, Roger & Faye tried to see what they could come up with.  It was clear that a difference in talent and musical taste  would get in the way so Roger and Fay Went off to form" Almost Grown"...and good luck to them!

Waiting in the sidelines was old friend and bassist Barry Pollock.  he joined the three & the new & existing four Scarabs gelled.  

Not long after they were formed lead singer & front man Mike decided to enter for the local annual Battle of the Bands.  They came second in the first heat loosing out to the eventual winners "Yield".

They have done nothing since except a shoddy drunken performance at a arty and several open mike night down at the local watering hole.

But plans are brewing...