Jeffrey and The Scarabs - 'Rock Opera' Lyrics

Here are some of Jeffrey and the Scarab's more recent lyrics: HOT DOGS FOR SALE Mayonnaise, goes off too quick/ And ketchup makes me feel quite sick/ So every night I have a little dream/ A bowl of chips, with salad cream/ I see you at the window babe/ But you don't see me/ I'm tryin' to get your attention/ But you ain't havin' none of that/ Oh and I love you baby/ And all that/ Hot Dogs For Sale/ With Extra Mozzerella Cheese/ Hot Dogs For Sale/ One Pound Twenty If You Please - HIGH HEELED SHOES- (Censored due to, er, strong lyrics) Please rinse and return/ Your high heeled shoes/ This is a public service not for you to abuse/ They were meant to be back/ Last Tuesday/ CENSORED/ CENSORED/ Poncing around singing la-di-da/ CENSORED/ CENSORED/ I wrote this song/ To tell you it's wrong/ To prance around in your CENSORED/ He's a dirty old man/ CENSORED/ I'm his number one fan/ And I love him/ I love him/ He may be dirty but I love him/ CENSORED/ He's a dirty old man - I WANT TO BE A NUN Seriously folks, this would take days to transcribe. It's basically the story of a guy who wants to be a nun, and get's incredibly violent when anyone tells him that he can't. Okay?? More to follow....

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