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Frequently Asked Questions: Right, who the bloody hell are you? Mike Collins (vocals), Dan Dixon (guitar), and Dave Winter (drums/percussion). And what do you lot sound like? Well, we don't dance, sing, scream gothic grunge crap, rap, or mix records. We write stupid songs about stupid things. So you have no commercial potential then? Not really, no. How long have you been together? Well, a few years. The line-up's changed about a thousand times, but us three have always been here, doing the same old shit. How ugly are you? Fairly. We'll slap some photo's on here at some point. Got any CD's out? Not at the moment no. We were working away on one at some point though, a 'rock opera' about a guy called Heathcliff who gets drunk and has the best night of his life, but that was crap. We're going to be recording an album within the next month or so. Got any quotes? Er, yeah. 'Give us money, we are poor'. Where can I send my messages of adoration and love? Try Have you just farted? Yes, yes I have. Thankyou for your time gentlemen. Now please leave immediately before I contact the appropriate authorities.