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ToKaHaCa Entertainment Company

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Recently I have recorded twelve of my songs at Mikron Recording Studio in South Pittsburgh, TN. This was the first time I have ever experienced recording in a real studio! It was so cool!! *My Cd/cassette tapes should be ready to purchase in two to three weeks. This is kind of exciting, but at the same time, it kinda freaks me out!! I'm really excited about this little project of mine. A song off the Cd, "Out There On The Water" has been sent over to the United Kingdoms where it is getting lots of Airplay on the radio stations!! If you'd like to keep up with where my song is at you can visit the first 3 "places to go" and see where it's being played.

**I've now got tapes and CDs for sale. Tapes are $10 and CDs are $12 (+ $3.50 shipping & handling). If you are interested in buying one e-mail us at for more info. :)

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My page is under construction right now so please check in occasionally to see what's new. Thanks for visiting. :)