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Welcome to the High School Student Council Page!



Student Council

Left to right back to front:  Mrs. Murphy, Jackie Weathorford, Kabe Murphy, Kelli Wilkerson, Molly Bergman, Brenda Bynum, Rickey Davis, Heather Bickham, LeeAnn Cox, Karra Doyle, Sabrina DeFord, Brea Carroll, Mrs. Tolar, Stephanie Doucet, Lindsay Duke, Michael Damon, Darin Murphy



Student Officers

Officers:  Darin Murphy, Kelli Wilkerson, Michael Damon, Jackie Weathorford, Sabrina DeFord.




Penny Drive!


One of the many fund raisers we had this year was a penny drive.  The idea of a penny drive is that each class has a jar.  If you put a penny in, that is one more penny towards your goal.  If someone from another class puts anything besides a penny in the jar, then it subtracts from your pennies.  The Freshmen won the penny drive, filling up a five gallon bucket full of pennies!


Christmas Caroling

The Junior High and High School Student Council  went caroling to the rest homes in Livingston.  Many of the residents sang and danced to the music.  We also stopped by a few banks and the Polk County Enterprise.  Here is our picture in the paper.




The Student Council has always been responsible to decorate for the Homecoming Dance.  This year was no exception.  We wanted to come up with something original, and we finally decided on a luau.  With a little help from the Ag Shop, we built a hut to take Homecoming pictures in front of.  The dance turned out to be a success!

Preamble of the Constitution of the Student Council of Big Sandy High School

    We, the students of Big Snady High School, in order to promote a harmony among the student body and the various inter-school organizations; to maintain a better understanding between students and  the faculty; to institue a better relationship between this school and all others of this kind; and to raise the standards and ideals of students themselves, do ordain and establish this constitution for the student council of Big Sandy High School:  To promote activites for the betterment of the school, community, state and country.


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