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Debs pictures

My Pictures


HI" Well ,I thought it was about time I updated my old pictures Ive had up here a few years..I finally bought a digital camera and am loving it..So no excuses of not having a current picture up here.
The above picture was just snapped with my new cam and I thought it was cute so here it is

Now, there's a few things you need to know about me..besides sitting here toying on my computer .. fiddling with this web page, or working on a comic chat characters for someone( see comic chat pages to know what I mean here.)A great passion of mine is dancing.I love to dance and I have done so since I can remember..Here in Australia Line Dancing is still huge..I have a page with a few pictures from the competitons I have entered ,so please go and check that out.I've been line dancing for over 8 years now,and competing for over 4.I still take lesson 2 or three times a week learning a new dance on average every two weeks or so ,by now I have hundreds in my head.Its a great form of exercise and so much fun.We also dance to modern music and some of the dances are pretty sexy to do ..I kind of like those grin ..

The picture below was at a line dance about 3 years ago,my boot had a stud on it and it got caught in the stocking lol..I had to be rescued to get it free.Was a real laugh ,and an all girl day dance,luckily.See the hole in my stocking.