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DanCCer's Comic Chat and Links

DanCCer's Comic Chat Info Page

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One of my passions is drawing character or advatars for the program "Comic chat"so here are some details about how it works..Please drop by my Comic Character page to see or download my creations)

The screens above, are from the actual Comic Chat program..the chat screen on the left, the right is the current "character" in use just above what we call the"emotion wheel"As you see it has faces which are click on those to make the character move or to selected poses.. but your character will actually just move as you talk..With the emotion wheel if you type hello,it will select a wave,if you type lol ,it will select your laugh pose..its an incredible program..Ive been using it for over 4 years now.

I chat on a few different servers..seeking out comic chat rooms to chat in where everyone just chats out in the open, and in a fun,friendly atmosphere.I would recommend you take a look at a very informative page called "Mermaid Elizabeth"for any information you might want..She also list rooms and servers to visit.This is the link to her page

"Mermaid Elizabeth

There is a nice friendly room to chat in ,that I found recently..not to many use comic chat in "Comic Mode" yet but there is a nice bunch of people and usually someone there to chat with .Im hopping to convert more to use comic chat.This is their home page snd there is alink on it to there room.There are also a few comic chat rooms on the same server.Click this link

icq 99b.exe