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This is for all my Terrific Friends that I see regularly and that I chat with online.

Can you believe another year has passed by us again.,
The trees are being trimmed the lights hung and the houses decorated..These things ,for most of us dont change.

But we now know.The world never stands still.It is forever changing and unpredictable.It Makes us realise who our true friends are ,and to cherish our loved ones.

I'm thankful to have you all as my friends..As you all know.. dancing is a big part of my life.My online friends are also very special to me .. .

To my dance friends..Its so nice to see you all each week..and have a laugh and giggle and have lunch when we can..I so enjoy the trips away with the girls when we do a dance competition too..And our teachers are fantastic.

To my online friends,it doesnt matter that we cannot chat face to face.We are there for each other when a shoulder is needed, and through happy times too.I miss the ones I have known for years that dont come online now and wonder how they are doing .. But I'm always happy to see you all online when you are . just even to say hi how you doing .. Or go into comic chat to dance and play music.

To you all my wish is simple,I wish for you all, happy friendly times with your family and friends...and remember those you love that can't be with you ..

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