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Engraving/Copying Samples

"Thank goodness this part is so easy to read. My career as a contrabass flugelhornist is saved! Thank you, Carreira Music Productions!!"

The following files are in .pdf format. These samples will give you correct margin formatting, the ability to zoom in and out on the image, are downloadable, and printable. To view these files in your browser, you need to have the PDFViewer plug-in from Adobe. To download and view these files you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Most computers have both of these already installed on them. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader or PDFViewer, they are available for free at (click on the link below to be taken there). To view the .pdf samples in your browser window, simply click on the link. Right click (or click and hold, on single-button-mouse Macs) to download the sample to your computer.

Full Score-Pit Band/Studio Orchestra (Jazz Font)(.pdf)
Full Score-Rhythm Section (including Latin percussion) and Horns (.pdf)
Full Score-Jazz Band (Maestro Font)(.pdf)
Full Score-Jazz Band (Jazz Font) (440k)(.pdf)
Full Score-Orchestra(.pdf)
Full Score-Marching Band (.pdf)
Full Score-Concert Band (.pdf)
Keyboard Part (Jazz Font)(.pdf)
Percussion Part (.pdf)
Recording Session Part (.pdf)
Clarinet Part (.pdf)