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Fun and Helpful Links

Learn about the OctoContraAlto Clarinet and other large and unusual instruments at "" (see below)

Music Links

American Federation of Musicians
The Canonical List of WEIRD Band Names
Carreira Music Productions homepage
Coda Music (makers of Finale) (home of all things low)
List of music engravers
The Galpin Society
Home of the Nuclear Whales Saxophone Orchestra
The Lieutenant Dan Band, the ultimate resource for Hawaiian music
List of music publishers
The OnLine Guitar Archive
Searching the Internet for a Certain MIDI File
Chicago Federation of Musicians
The music of Kimo Williams (some Jonathan Carreira arrangements available here)
Leblanc Metal Clarinets
McCormick's Enterprises- for all your marching band supplies and music software needs
The Barefoot Hawaiian- Hawaiian Entertainment Services
Jonathan Carreira's ukulele performance schedule

Just Plain Fun Links

Chicago Cubs home page
The official Star Wars home page
The Tiki Terrace- Polynesian food, drinks, and music!
Something (humor site)
The Opus N' Andy Archives (comics currently not online)