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March 23, 2001 was the second time I met BBMak and it was well worth it!!
I spent the night at my best friend, Kimber's mom's house the night before because we were going to get up really early the next day, so we could be first in line. We had been trying to win tickets on the radio for the past 48 hours prior, and a lot more before that too. anyways, we got soooo lucky that night, because we called into Kiis and we got through, and got to talk to BBMak!! We asked them if they could do an american accent, and they all did. Ste did a New York accent, and said, "forget about it," Mark did an LA accent, and said something like, "woah, dude that's rad" hehe and christian did a texas accent, which sounded nothing like one! :) but it was still cute. Well, here comes the part about the next day. What happened was, we got up at around 6:00 and left about 6:30, arrived at the park at 7:00 and was in line by 7:15ish. We had signed up with, and that's how we got tickets into the park. So, Kimber's friend Sara had been the first in line, so we were able to go up with her, even though there were only like 5 other people in line at that time. so, we were finally able to go into the park at about 8:30. They put us in this "resting" area to wait for them. The Kiis winners were in front of us, which people told us, were 500, but it didn't look like that many, then we had to be behind them. So, we were pretty far back and kind of bummed. However, this guy was going around picking people from our group (around 40 from about 500 people) and me, Kimber, Kimber's sister Kenna and Kobe, her mom Debi, and her friend Sara were all picked!! We were so happy!! What we were picked for was to be part of a pre-taping segment and we would also get front row, or at least close!
Anyways, they took us over there and we stood in a line, and screamed, etc. for the cameras. Which was way awesome, but before that even, BBMak was up doing a soundcheck!! And we were all screaming for them! They were beautiful! Well, they came down and I shook Ste's hand, and just touched Mark and Christian. So, we did our little taping of things, yelling and screaming for the camera, then just hung around a little bit, we also talked to JoJo from Kiis fm for a little while also. He's so awesome! Later we got interviewed by a British T.V. station which is totally awesome and about Hollywood fans! :) So, we were waiting around, (still just the 40) and they told us to go by the stage, so then they could fill in everyone else. So, we got on the side of the stage, right were they would go up. OMG! We were so close. Then, they came in and everyone was yelling! It was so awesome!! And they were talking a little bit, then played their songs Unpredictable and Ghost of you and Me twice each. And we talked to them so much! Here's somethings that were said throughout the "concert." (it was actually a taping of Disney's Summer Jam which will air in June on ABC) anyways, on Ste's microphone pack in his pants, the tape on it said Steve so i'm all, "Ste, why does it say Steve on it?" and he's all, "stupid people" and he took it off and was gonna give it to me, but the girl next to me jumped up and grabbed it. :( Also, Ste was drinking his water bottle which was right in front of me, and I asked him for that too, but he was giving it to me, and the girl on my left took it from me. :( just my luck, right? Anyways, Ste was turned around and I yelled, "Nice butt!!" and he's touched his butt, turned around, and said, "thanks!" hehe, they were way cute. they I asked ste for his guitar pic but he said he already told another girl that she could have it. later i asked Christian for his pic too, but he's all, "well, i have to use it for the rest of the thing, sorry." but no worries right...well, i had a beatles shirt on, and i yelled, beatles rock! and me and kimber started singing, "help" and then ste's was smiling at us, and said, "'who here has heard of the beatles" and we just kept yelling! Then me and kimber kept saying..."sing more than words, sing more than words, etc." and so, ste started playing it and then mark was singing it really quite. it was way cute! there were a bunch of little comments exchanged between us throughout the whole thing, we were so lucky to be so close. another thing was, we yelled, "play mary's prayer!" and ste's all "have you heard it?" and we're all, "Ya!! It's soo great!" and then he gave us a thumbs up. it was so cute. and we would yell, take it off! and mark and ste both pretended to take it off! :) let's get to their dress attire. Christian has cute army pants, and a long sleeve button up cream colored shirt. Mark had way cute jeans with a rip on one of the knees and a see through reddish shirt. Ste had on jeans too i think, and a beigeish tank top on and a cute little hat. They all looked soo hot!
Well, then after that we were told that we were picked out of the 40, only 10 of us, to hang out with them in the park that day and do tapings. so we were way stoked!! YAY! anyways, they left off the stage and we all went our ways. We ran got lunch and met back a little later. After a little bit of waiting, they came out and did a photo shoot. They had a green screen behind them and were gonna crop them onto grizzly peaks. they had changed, and christian was now wearing a white shirt w/ blue trim with something on it but i forgot what it said, and army pants, and a jean jacket. Mark had on a cute beige ( i think was the color) tank top with the same jeans. Ste had on a Blue shirt, and same pants. Well, in that photo shoot, Christian took off his shirt!! AHH, and I got a picture of that! yay. also, i blew mark a kiss, and i didn't think he saw but a little bit afterwards, he caught it and put it on his lips! :) he's so sweet! Then we went to do the taping things. But it turned out that the girls who were in the first taping, ended up being in all of them, so we kind of got screwed, until the end, we were able to go on California Screamin' with them. I sat on the back of the ride the first time, and they were on the front, and they were sitting on the rail and i was sitting on mine, and i waved and they waved back and were smiling and stuff. then i went over to them and said hi, and they said hi, but then i had to go back in my place, because of the whole taping thing. Then i motioned mark to come over to where i was, but he felt really bad, because he had to stay over there too. :( Then the second time we rode it, I was right behind MARK!!! and i was kind of talking to them a little bit, but i can't remember what was said. And all 3 of them were right next to me, and they were swinging themselves on the bars (the ones in line), it was so cute. And after the ride we got off, and I was right by ste, and i smiled, and he's all, "hello" and i'm like, "hi" and he's like, "that was a great ride" and i'm like "ya" hehe...then they told us we all had to go, so we left. Anyways, that was my day, and a wonderful day that was!! :) I can't believe how lucky we were!! it was awesome!


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